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Video: Knife-wielding high school student shot by officer was being bullied (graphic content warning)


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UPDATE: Following the harrowing incident, the Daily Mail reported that 14-year-old student suspect Logan Clark had likely been driven to his bizarre knife-act due to days of bullying beforehand.

A social media from the boy’s father -Justin Clark- reportedly claimed that the young man was expecting to be jumped and brought the knives for protection after being pushed over the edge by bullying.

“To idiots that think Logan was wrong know he was being bullied he is not the kind to back down,” the elder Logan wrote. “He brought the knives because he was gonna b (sic) jumped and he was the school knew of this and failed to act.”

YouTube video

A parent of one of Logan’s friends, Demick Laflamme, said that he believed Logan had been bullied prior to the incident.

“He is my son’s best friend. He’s a victim and he’s only 15 years old. He is over at my house almost every day,” he said. “He’s a good kid. All of his friends like him. Hell, even I love him and I don’t like kids. The kids take bullying into their own hands, and he was shot for it.”


Laflamme criticized police for shooting the teen and what he felt was not proper or safe escalation of force.

“How could they shoot a kid in front of a bunch of other kids?” he asked. “My kid was right there. He could’ve been hurt. My son tried to go help (his friend) and the police told him to back off.”


RENO, Nev. (AP) — Social media postings about a school district police officer shooting a Nevada high school student waving a knife toward classmates drew an immediate plea from authorities not to rush to conclusions about the on-campus incident.

The 14-year-old boy was reported in critical condition with a gunshot wound at a Renohospital, Police Chief Jason Soto said Wednesday night.

The teen had been “armed with at least one knife and threatening other students” during a fight at the high school in a working class neighborhood on the city’s north side, Soto said at a news conference.

The armed student failed to comply with the school police officer’s verbal commands to drop the knife, and the officer ultimately fired his service weapon, “striking the student and … stopping the threat,” the chief said.

“Once the threat was stopped, the officer immediately began to provide medical aid to the student until emergency medical assistance arrived,” Soto said. He refused to take any questions.

Hug High School was placed under lockdown and the 14-year-old was taken to Renown Regional Medical Center. The lockdown was lifted by midafternoon and students were released to their parents.

Reno police Officer Tim Broadway acknowledged in the hours after the shooting that many of the more than 40 students who witnessed the incident at about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday also shot cellphone video, but said at the time the question of whether the teen was armed remained under investigation.

Video posted online appears to show a male teenager wearing a blue shirt and white pants pacing and wielding a large kitchen knife in a circle of onlookers in an outdoor quad.

“There’s some very disturbing video out there,” Broadway told reporters Wednesday afternoon. “But there are other events that led up to this incident, so please don’t react to those.”

Broadway urged witnesses to turn video over to police before making it public. He said initial reports that another student had been stabbed before the shooting weren’t true.

The Reno Gazette-Journal reported (http://on.rgj.com/2gbvO5O ) that it reviewed a Facebook video that hadn’t been made public showing a student wielding a knife before being wounded.

A student, Robert Barragan, told the Gazette-Journal that two male students were fighting outside the school library before a police officer shot the knife-wielding student in the shoulder.

A regional officer-involved shooting team led by Reno police interviewed the campus officer, who was placed on routine paid administrative leave, Broadway said.

School district officials said classes would resume as scheduled on Thursday.

“Counselors will be available for any student or staff member who needs assistance,” Washoe County School Superintendent Traci Davis said in a statement.

Nevada Department of Public Safety Director James Wright said earlier Wednesday the student was 16 years old. Soto corrected the age but did not release his name.

Hug High opened in 1968 and is named for Proctor Ralph Hug Jr., a former teacher, athletic coach and Washoe County School superintendent who served as a state senator and a federal judge.

Associated Press writer Ken Ritter in Las Vegas contributed to this report.

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  1. The one parent said that the Officer should not have shot while others were present, is not thinking very clearly. A lot of people could have been hurt and/or killed by the boys actions, if the Officer had failed to neutralize the situation.

  2. Soooo It bothers me that I don’t EVER see videos, pictures, or stories of a police officer attempting de-escalation tactics BEFORE going all ranger rick on a kids ass. And no…giving commands is not a descalation tactic. Furthermore….it’s a fucking kid with a close-combat blade and you have a ranged projectile weapon 9.5/10 the gun will win. For fucks sake at least ATTEMPT to fire a warning shot or at a non-lethal body part: foot, leg, arm, butt, shoulder, instead of automatically assume you will die and go straight for a head or heart shot. And could he not have used a stun gun instead?

    Honestly, all of them are at fault.

    • sorry to burst your bubble there sean but the cop acted right..should he have stood there for 3 hours trying to talk to the kid while he was lunging at other kids and people there? should other students have been harmed or killed everyone would saying why didnt the cop act sooner..its people like you that cause the problems if you have never been a cop or in the army you wouldnt understand that you have to make a choice in less than a blink of a eye..so untill u are either one shut your pie hole

      • If he had stood there for even a few minutes, much less 3 hours, “trying to talk to the kid” there would have been time for a respected teacher who actually knew the kid to arrive and de-escalate the situation in a way that the cop apparently was incapable of doing.

    • When you’re surrounded by a large group of people, where would one fire a warning shot? You’d end up hitting more than your intended target. At least the threat was neutralized before MORE people were hurt. Cudos to the officer for doing his job, kid or not!

  3. When the Police Officer showed up the kid should have known at that point that he was SAFE. But no the nut job kept up with the knives and became a threat. What the hell was he thinking. Surprised that the Officer did not give him a “head” shot. This violence in schools has just got to stop.

  4. This is a little troubling. Was this an SRO? Did he not have non-lethal weapons? I understand the need to protect oneself in any circumstance, even when it’s a kid threatening your life, but it’s difficult for me to get my head around this. No taser?

  5. This was a suicide. The boy wanted to die. I truly believe that he was making a statement making those bullies look really bad. Or he wanted to go out in a way that will not be forgotten by his school.

  6. So easy to arm-chair quarter-back this incident. Imminent threat; neutralize the threat. No one told this kid to put knives in his hands, in a weapons-free zone. Fail to comply (which is already giving the threat opportunity to achieve his/her goal), and the threat must be neutralized. The Officer did just that. You don’t pick your target, nor the ‘spot’ to shoot at. You NEUTRALIZE the threat.

  7. So Sean in which direction was this officer supposed to fire this warning shot. No matter what the police do nowadays there are idiots out there that think they can do it better. What a joke. Maybe this officer just saved a lot of innocent lives. I have an idea, if you don’t want to get shot don’t start waving weapons around at school. If the police officer did not end the threat and he was able to hurt other kids there would be people bitching abut that too. The person causing the threat was the only one to be put down. I say good job.

  8. So Sean in which direction was this officer supposed to fire this warning shot. No matter what the police do nowadays there are people out there that think they can do it better. What a joke. Maybe this officer just saved a lot of innocent lives. I have an idea, if you don’t want to get shot don’t start waving weapons around at school. If the police officer did not end the threat and he was able to hurt other kids there would be people complaining about that too. The person causing the threat was the only one to be put down. I say good job.

  9. Police never fire warning shots. The bullet could bounce off the concrete and go anywhere. And police will not use a Taser against someone wielding a gun or a knife. Tasers don’t work on everyone, and a knife wielding assailant can kill you easily even if you hit him perfectly with the Taser. The officer’s actions were correct.

  10. We are drilled into respective 6” reactionary gap which gives us that small window to make a life or death decision.
    I feel for the Officer who took the extremely difficult choice to discharge his side arm in the hopes of ending the potentially dangerous confrontation.

    My only concern with this incident and numerous others across the country is that we seem to have lost the ability to converse with subjects and talk them down before upgrading directly to lethal force.

    I strongly support the Officer, finding himself in such a dilemma; but the boy will recover and hopefully learn from his mistake; maybe its time we start to look aat School policies to identify high rsk individuals who would no doubt benefit from a listening ear an somebody to vent their concerns.

    To the Officer involved; you know doubt saved a potentially catastrophe getting worse and discharging your service weapon will always be hard.

    To all the rest of the LEO”: please play safe out their and stay warm.

  11. I think what is mainly going to justify the cops actions is that it’s not just a teenager pulling a knife and standing there and making threats. It’s the fact that there are people surrounding him and that he is swinging the knife around wildly. The cop did tell the child to put the knife down and he failed to do so. As stated above by George, the child should have realized that he would be safe from his would-be attackers after the officer arrived. Had he complied, his outlash would have garnered the schools attention to bring his bullying to question. But there are always two sides to an argument. The officer has a baton and taser. Both have range in comparison to a knife. Had he tazed the boy, situation would have been effective. Had the officer thought outside the box, he could have thrown at the child to potentially stun him or temporarily stop him from flailing the knife. It’s a 14 year old child, not a body building adult. The officer could have easily stunned the child with his baton as I said, and grabbed his arm, which would have subdued him just as effectively.

    In the end, the officer acted in favor of the surrounding children who could have potentially been harmed from the flailing knife. Children should know not to bring weapons to school especially when there are armed officers on the grounds. It’s asking for an unhappy confrontation. The real people to blame are the school faculty as it has been mention that the bullying had been brought to there attention before, which they had failed to acknowledge.

    Personally I don’t blame the officer for the action he took as this is what the police are generally trained to do. Neutralize a threat as quick as possible, but not as safe as possible. It’s an issue within the system that clearly needs to be addressed in terms of police training in tactics. They can’t be trained to just fire a gun. There’s more to being an officer than just firing a gun at the first moment of a threat.

  12. I like how its always the LOE’s fault and not the kid who knowingly brought a deadly weapon to school with the intent to use it to cause bodily harm to someone else… WTF are y’all smoking? What ever t is that causes y’all to be that high must have cost y’all a lot! I have 3 kids that go to school in this county, one at North valleys one at Cold Springs Middle and one at Nancy Gomes. I would have wanted the officer to do the EXACT same thing he did, and so would you if it had been one of your kids that this knife wielding kid was going after. Its really easy to armchair police commission, but you weren’t there, and all you have to go off of is some cell phone video that dont even show the start just the finish. I applaud this officer for being there! And for those that seem to think that he could have wounded him, have never been on the receiving end of a knife attack…I have, and you dont always get to “peacefully ” ask for them to play nice.. Let the cops do their jobs and sthu until you know ALL of the circumstances.

  13. The kid is brandishing a DEADLY weapon and shown desire to use it on others. He should have put the knife down when told to by the officer. Kids can and do kill just like an adult. the officer was justified. I, and I know the Officer are praying for the kid to recover so that he may receive the help he needs and yes I would launch an investigation about his being bullied.

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