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Video: Friend of Najee Harmon says 'he didn't do no wrong, he just shot a cop'


It comes in at about the 1:25 mark, but everything leading up to it in this news report makes it that much worse. Najee Harmon has a history of violent criminal acts, including multiple armed robberies.  Yet friend of Harmon’s doesn’t think he did anything wrong, even when he shot a Wauwatosa police detective on Friday.

Najee Harmon. Image credit: Milwaukee police

According to Fox 6 Now, Harmon is accused of shooting a 52-year-old detective who was investigating a robbery with with one other plain-clothes detective and a uniformed officer.  As the officers approached Harmon, he opened fire, striking the detective.

Harmon was apprehended after tip led police to his location.  “Officers from the Milwaukee Police Department Fugitive Apprehension Unit searched the home. A Milwaukee K9 found Harmon hiding in the basement,” Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said.

The detective is listed in serious but stable condition.

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  1. This is exactly what’s wrong, “He didnt do nothing wrong, he just shot a cop.” REALLY?!?! He was a convicted felon, had an illegal handgun, and robbed a woman at gun point, then shot a cop! But he was a good boy? GTFOH with that BS! Stories like these give Cop Blockers wet dreams at night.

  2. bwahahaha she said she wasn’t “harbraging no foogative” stupid ignorant scum “aint do nothing wrong just shot a cop” she needs to be in jail. And they wonder why there is a problem in the black community, its because of ignorant scum like this teaching the younger generations that this is perfectly ok

  3. Stupid stupid stupid response. If he’ll shoot a cop. He’ll shoot anyone. So stupid. The ignorance of this woman and anyone that agrees is repugnant!!!!! You hate cops till someone you love needs them! Show a cop respect they do the same. Unfortunately most peoples first response when they break the law is vile and aggressive! Wake up!

  4. “He didn’t do nutin wrong, just shot a cop”. If this cretin was not locked up, she might have said at another time, “he didn’t do nutin wrong just shot a White man.

    Good Lord, what a criminal underclass this bunch is. Thanks to the police officers for keeping and trying to keep these barbarians outside the gates. You in the LEO field have a tough, thankless job. It is too bad that the current crop of politicians are doing what they do to you men and women.

  5. “He didn’t do nothing wrong, he just shot a cop.”
    In the world of grammar two negatives make a positive, thus he DID do something wrong….he’s done many things wrong………

  6. Now to me this means it is ok to just shoot someone because they are ghetto….like that bitch…she needs to be under the jail

  7. So sad, and so frightening. Stories like this point to a problem in our nation that is only getting worse by the day, and with every generation, and is so deep that we may never fix it.

  8. Sadly, there is a solution — the same one as with ISIS. We will eventually have to eliminate those who think it is justified to mug, rob, steal, rape and murder. What scum!!!

    • FYI, I am NOT leo; just an old man who appreciates what you do for my safety at the risk of your own.

  9. Every law enforcement officer , including FBI, DEA etc should all take 2 weeks vacation….. All the same two weeks…
    I wonder how much people will appreciate you coming back too work…?? After that 2 weeks….