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Heroes caught on video tackling an armed gunman at Kansas City Chiefs parade are identified

Screenshots from the videos below

Update (Feb. 15): As the news about the shooting that occurred in Kansas City at the Super Bowl victory celebration continues to break, more footage and information about the incident is surfacing.

A new video appears to show Kansas City Chief fans tackling one of the alleged gunmen.

Another video appears to show police taking three black men into custody.

During an interview with Christopher Cuomo, a family was identified as the heroes who chased, tackled, and disarmed one of the shooters.

Trey and Casey Filter were watching the Kansas City parade with their two sons when they jumped into action to take down one of the shooters.

“I don’t think we could have just walked away being right there like that,” Trey said.

“On our way home, we were realizing how close we were to being involved in the initial shooting,” he added. “Of course, we couldn’t have gotten much closer to the gun there. It’s just really a lot to process and be grateful for.”

“I turn, I see a flash, and I think to myself I hope that is him,” he said about his decision to chase the suspect.

“All I recall is barely seeing the guy and I couldn’t believe I caught him, I remember thinking ‘man I hope that is him,'” he added.

“When I saw [the gun] on the ground in front of me it was at my feet, so I saw it and just moved it,” Casey said about removing the gunmen’s rifle.

“They are pretty proud of their dad, that’s pretty much all I can say about the boys,” Casey added. “They are proud.”

Earlier (Feb. 14): As of 5:30 pm EST, one person has been reported dead, and 10 to 15 people were reported injured during the shooting.

According to the Kansas City Fire Department, three victims are in critical condition and five are in serious condition.

The exact number of gunshot victims was not immediately clear, Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves said, calling the shooting a “tragedy.”

Two suspects have been taken into custody, she said.

About 1 million paradegoers were expected to attend the celebration that ended at Union Station where the shooting occurred.

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