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Video: Cops taser naked man ‘attacking’ parked cars in Philly


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A naked man was arrested on the streets of Philadelphia after he stripped down and started hitting cars and obstructing traffic.

The Daily Mail reports that the man began “attacking” cars that were parked along Pennway Street and blocking traffic there, as he strutted down the middle of the road with no clothes on.

Shocked bystanders looked on, including one who started recording the scene with a cell phone.

When the naked man noticed the man recording him, he started walking towards his vehicle. Luckily, police were already nearby at the time.

The man behind the camera screams out to the officers: “What are you waiting for, hit him.”

Police Tasered the naked man and he cried out in pain while falling to the ground.

“This man stripped down as he walk up and down the street yelling and beating up cars before being tasered and brought down by cops,” said Ramon Cannon, the man who shot the footage.

The video ends with the officers handcuffing the naked man, as he screams out, what sounds like, “I’m scared.”

No word yet what charges he is facing.

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