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Video captures a police chief being stabbed by an illegal beach seller in Spain


A Spanish police chief was repeatedly stabbed while confronting an illegal beach vendor in Punta Umbria.

Local Police Chief Antonio Garrido was lucky to survive the Wednesday encounter, which left him recovering at a local hospital after the blade narrowly missed his vital organs.

The street vendor responsible for the stabbing -which was part of an altercation concerning illegal contraband being sold on the beach- was taken to the ground by another officer and a tourist.

Located on the Gulf of Cadiz, Punta Umbria is a popular beach location for tourists in Europe.

According to The Sun, Mayor of Punta Umbria, Aurora Aguedo, expressed her anger in the aftermath of the stabbing, which is just one of many attacks against police by illegal beach vendors.

In response, Aguedo has promised her full support in cracking down on those who wish to break the law and attack police.

The man responsible for stabbing Garrido was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, and two other men were also arrested for attacking police.

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