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Van driver charged after running over bike thief with van, hitting pedestrian in Manhattan


A New Yorker took matters into his own hands on Saturday after a man stole his bike- and he may be facing legal trouble as a result.

The driver of the vehicle, 47-year-old James Mansfield, was reportedly deprived of his bicycle by a thief and took chase with his van, eventually striking the thief and a pedestrian as well.

The entire event was caught on surveillance camera and witnessed by several people on the busy Manhattan street. Local resident Nelson Altamonte claims he saw the thief untie the bike from a pole before the driver could load it into his van.

“I saw the van going down the block chasing him,” he told CBS2.“He hit him, but the guy got up and ran away on foot, but he was badly hurt and there was a pedestrian down the street hit by the van too. He was in bad shape and was bleeding from the head.”

The 31-year-old pedestrian suffered lacerations to his head and elbow. According to Altamonte, Mansfield immediately took responsibility for the situation.

“He put a towel on his head so he actually helped the guy,” he said.

Mansfield was arrested and faces reckless endangerment charges.

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