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US Marshal draws gun at Brooklyn McDonald’s over slow service

Image credit: McDonald's/Facebook
Image credit: McDonald’s/Facebook

A US Marshal in Brooklyn is facing severe disciplinary and criminal action for pulling his service pistol while drunk and pointing it at several people in a McDonalds, having become impatient with his not-so-fast food.

30-year-old Deputy Marshal Charles Brown swaggered into a Bay Ridge McDonalds around 1:20 AM Saturday morning and reportedly became very irate about the long wait for his food.

Yelling at 41-year-old cashier Joanna Diaz, Charlie Brown drew his sidearm and pointed it at Diaz before pulling a 180 and flagging everyone else in the restaurant, finally training his aim on a 21-year-old man who tried to intervene.

As employees dialed 911, Brown paid for his food and fled.

NYPD officers found Brown on the street, arresting him for a myriad of charges including menacing, harassment and violating firearm license regulations.

The New York Post reported that Brown -who lives with his father in an upscale Bay Ridge residence- was not available for comment.

Meanwhile, the regular customers of the fast-food franchise are concerned for their safety- with some opting not to return to the location.

“You can’t go anywhere today without something happening,” 35-year-old receptionist Heather Polamis said.

Another woman -74-year-old Margaret Johnson- said the Marshal had likely just reached his breaking point.

“They’re under a lot of stress,” she said. “They risk their lives every day.”

Brown was arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal Court, with a judge issuing a  protection order for both McDonald’s and Diaz. Brown was released shortly after the arraignment without bail, where he will likely face issues with his chain of command.

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