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Upper East Side streets and sidewalks taken over by motorcycles, ATVs


Gangs of motorbike and ATV enthusiasts roaming the streets of the Bronx or Harlem is nothing new- but Manhattan is another story.

Fox anchor Melissa Francis captured the footage of the bikers rolling down the sidewalks and streets of Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Francis filmed away from her home, several floor above the street.

“Small problem here on [Upper East Side],” she wrote on Twitter, tagging Mayor Bill de Blasio and the NYPD.

One individual -walking along the sidewalk- was nearly hit by one of the vehicles.

The video has nearly 562,000 views, and mixed reactions.

“Let them ride,” one user said.

“I agree,” another replied. “But I don’t like the guys on the sidewalks. Keep it in the street so they don’t hit someone (or scare the crap out of them) when walking out of a building.”

The majority of sampled user comments -particularly those from the United States- appear to be okay with the matter, aside from the few riders who decided to jump onto the sidewalks.

“Aside from the sidewalk riders, they shouldn’t be arrested,
Scott Exley wrote. “Actually looked pretty cool.”

Others, such as Sean McPeak, took the moment to discuss the current state of New York City’s questionable choices when it comes to letting prisoners out of jail.

“This is what happens when you announce the NYPD can no longer do their jobs,” he wrote. “Wait until you meet the new neighbors who were just released from Rikers.”

The local precinct replied that they are aware of the situation.

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