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Updated: Outrage after high school band glamorizes police being murdered 1 week after two area officers killed


Update: The Jackson Public Schools superintendent Errick L. Greene has released a statement in response to the Forest Hill High School band performance that depicted nurses and doctors gunning down police officers.

“On behalf of the Jackson Public School (JPS) District, I want to offer my deep and sincere apologies for the performance by the Forest Hill High School band during Friday’s football half-time show in Brookhaven. Based loosely on the movie, “John Q,” the band’s performance depicted a hostage scene that included toy guns.

JPS has a great deal of respect and appreciation for our law enforcement partners. The band’s performance does not depict the values and people in our community, and was incredibly insensitive to the students, families, law enforcement officials and the entire Brookhaven community. For this we sincerely apologize to all, and we pledge to do better in the future.

We have taken some initial actions in response to this matter, and you have my commitment that we will investigate it fully and take additional appropriate action with respect to procedures and personnel.”

A halftime show by the Forest Hill High School band in Mississippi is drawing widespread condemnation after they depicted doctors and nurses gunning down police officers, less than a week after two Brookhaven officers were fatally shot in the line of duty.

Brookhaven police officers James White and Zach Moak were shot and killed by 25-year-old Marquis Flowers in the early morning hours last Saturday after responding to reports of shots fired.  Their funerals were held on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

The Forest Hill High School can be contacted by following this link:  https://www.jackson.k12.ms.us/ContactForestHill.  We never do this.  However in this case, we encourage our readers to let them know how despicable this performance was.

It’s also being reported that weapons, including replica guns are banned from campus.

The outrage has just begun and people are beginning to vent their anger on social media, with one person writing, “The band director should be fired immediately. The principal of the school should be suspended along with the idiot students that carried out this travesty.”

In the strongest possible terms, we demand accountability for this vile performance.

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  1. But when these type hypocrits are in danger,they call the Police.Whomever supports this type of Halftime display should grow a set of balls and call their Local Police Station and give them their phone numbers and request to them to ignore these Telephone numbers when they call for assistance/help.Call your Band leader.

  2. Those students and everyone else involved should be made to attend the funeral of these police officers and give their condolences to the people in attendance. And whoever allowed it should be fired.

  3. Thank you for including a link to send our message in. I’m outraged that they are allowed to display such hate! These are kids!! I sent my Message with my contact info. I want to hear back from them!! I’m furious!!

  4. Chicago officer had no legitimate reason to shoot when he did . . . It was then intentional or delusional . . . .

    • bad shooting i agree but cops are trained to stop a maniac running away with a knife…. as a cop what would you have done?

  5. I for one am not only outraged, I’m shocked that this would be approved by the school. How is this ok on any level?! You are suppose to teach your kids to respect authority no matter where it comes from. This is a part of the reason why kids are so disrespectful to their parents, their peers, their teachers, the police…everyone!! This is way beyond despicable! There are no words that cover it!!!!

  6. I’m sorry, but there is definitely more to this story than they’re reporting. They’re literally just trying to cause a problem over a show using music from a movie, so like a band does with every field show they perform, the color guard acts out certain parts of the movie.

    Saying this is “disgusting” because they did a field show involving a SWAT (the so called “cops” being gunned down according to this article) team is literally exactly like saying that the drama club “encourages” alien plants eating people because they performed Little Shop of Horrors.

    Not to freaking mention that the cops were killed early last week. This band and every other freaking high school band’s field show was charted and prepared no later than than first week of September.

    What do you think band people do at band camp??? Its literally a whole week, sometimes more (my high school met almost every day for 3 hrs for over 2 months prior to September every summer), of charting and extensively practicing a field show on the football field that they plan on performing multiple times throughout football season as well as for many, they perform at fall marching band competitions every bye weekend.

    So yeah, do your own research before you start spreading false lies that people start to get “famous”. I’m not a trump supporter in anyways, but this is the absolute literal definition of “fake news”

    • Looked it up, not fake news, but they depicted holding the SWAT team at gunpoint, NOT executing/shooting them. This is still unacceptable behavior for a high school, or any other school, halftime show. You can’t compare theater to halftime band performances.

  7. You see what your kids are being taught. So I will say don’t complain if they end up in jail for braking the law.

  8. Band director and possibly the principal should be fired as I doubt the principal didn’t know the content of the show beforehand. Even if police officers had not recently been killed it is totally inappropriate and unacceptable to have kids playing out any role that has them shooting anyone. This promotes violence in a time where school shootings and police killing is out of control. Choices have consequences and the adults responsible for this should be removed. The kids should not be punished as they are kids and the adults in charge should have said NO!

  9. I’m just going to say that God in his infumios wisdom,gave us free will ,free will that’s the sorry trouth this young people and who ever assisted in this . now have a maroil responsibility to make it right or for ever lose thier soles to hell

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