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Update: Woman holding staff at government building hostage shot by SWAT team in El Paso

Image from video, below.

The hostage situation has come to an end in El Paso, Texas, after a woman entered a government building and took hostages with what was reportedly a toy gun.

Now, a man claiming to be the suspect’s husband has made threatening remarks towards law enforcement after he discovered that his wife was shot.

The situation began earlier this morning, after a woman entered the El Paso Human Services Commission armed with what appeared to be a handgun. Making threats towards security personnel and employees, the woman reportedly took hostages and made demands.

Police rushed to the scene and SWAT was deployed, setting up a perimeter around the building.

The man claiming to be the suspect’s wife. He claimed she was holding a toy gun. Credit: ABC7.

After some time, the woman barricaded herself in the building and any possible hostages were released.

“There were demands made to the employees, but there are no injuries, no one was hurt. And at this point, she is isolated by herself,” Sgt. Kiki Carrillo told KVIA.

Later in the evening, the woman was reportedly shot by officers and transported to a local trauma center.

After shots were fired, a man going by the name of Omar Soto told news crews that he was the woman’s husband, adding that her name was Christine Soto.

Wearing what appeared to be a reflective contruction vest, Omar began berating law enforcement on camera.

“They’re f***ing monsters,” he shouted. “That’s my wife, they shot her, man.”

Omar claimed the gun was a toy, and insisted that El Paso Police should have known the difference, despite no one else involved in the incident being able to do so.

“It was a toy gun,” he said. “Don’t you know the difference between a toy gun and a real gun?!”

He then began to threaten the police, who he referred to as “fa*gots.”

“They better fu**ing pray she lives,” he said, looking towards the police officer with a threatening posture. “They better pray she lives.”

After deliberation, it appears Omar decided to dial back his threats to be more litigious in nature.

“I’m gonna sue these f***ing fa**ots,” he said.

Omar was openly upset, and repeatedly denounced the police.

“How do you think you would feel,” he shouted. “These are monsters, man.”

The Texas HHS facility is a service center for social service benefits such as welfare, Medicaid and food stamps. It is unknown why “Christine” would enter the building with a firearm-like object and barricade herself in, let alone take hostages.

For Omar Soto, however, that doesn’t matter.

“She just came over to fix her papers from the food stamps office,” he said, calling the police “pigs.”

Sgt. Carrillo was contacted, but could not be reached for comment at this time.

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  1. Typical “they done HER wrong” BS when she was waving a gun (no one cares that it was a toy – it looked REAL!), and taking hostages. It ended with only the deranged person injured, so it’s ALL GOOD!


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