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UPDATE: Suspect was in fact armed and other details on Charlotte fatal OIS that led to riots


The picture is becoming more clear in what appears to be a justified fatal OIS involving an armed black man.

Most importantly, the false information put out by the suspect’s daughter that he was unarmed and was ‘reading a book’ were finally dispelled during this morning’s press conference held by Charlotte city leaders. Video of the suspect’s daughter, Lyric Youradorable Scott, inciting protesters during the aftermath is below.

After arriving to serve a warrant on a wanted criminal, officers encountered the Keith Lamont Scott who exited his vehicle with a gun in his hand.

As officers approached, Scott briefly went back into his car, before getting back out, still armed.

Scott then refused officers’ ‘loud, clear commands’ to drop his weapon and was shot and killed by the officers.

The officers were in plain clothes but were wearing vests that were marked ‘POLICE,’ according to officials.

The Charlotte-Mecklenberg officer who killed Scott has unofficially been identified as Brentley Vinson, who is also black.

Following the shooting protests turned to riots as 16 police officers were injured, highways were blocked, stores and semi-trucks were looted and fires were set.

The officers were injured by rocks and other projectiles being thrown at them as well as physical confrontations with rioters.

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  1. So a black cop shoots an armed black man who won’t drop his weapon when explicitly ordered. OF course BLM will have a problem with that. SMH

    • It amazes me that after “Keith” was shot both his wife and daughter are more pissed at cops than concerned that their father and husband was injured. Where is the concern and anguish for their family member? Unbelieveable. They could care less about him. If it was my wife shot I’d be crying, expressing concern, trying to comfort. These ignorant bitches are just running their stupid mouths while their dad passes away. Where’s the concern for their father?

  2. I believe that if police body camera’s were required to be used in all encounters with the citizens and police officers, the video could be broadcast immediately when a shooting situation happened without the full story.

  3. I believe that if police body camera’s were required to be used in all encounters with the citizens and police officers, the video could be broadcast immediately when a shooting situation happened without the full story which would prevent most of the rioting and animosity.

  4. Do you honestly believe that there is anyone left in America that believes the “F’ing ” cops anymore? This is a lie, fabricated to cover up the stupidity of the cops in Charlotte.

  5. Cops are nothing more than a bunch lying, racist scum, and they deserve to go to prison for their racist crime which the legal system is condoning. The world knows and understand everything….!

    • Yes Peter. The BLACK cop, who shot the ARMED, BLACK man, is a lying, racist scum. If that wonderful, pillar of society is even half of what his lowlife, foul mouthed, classless, piece of trash daughter is, he deserved to be shot. Look at her video. She, and apparently her uncle according to what she said, are worse than animals. I’m glad she is took this video. Not only does it show what trash she is, it shows what trash, and filthy scum they all are. Did you see that filthy house?

  6. So where is the warrant for Lyric Youradorable Scott? Her lies incited a riot. She falsely claimed that her father was unarmed and people rioted because of her claims. That makes her culpable.

  7. How sad one person can have so much hatred in her heart. She should be arrested for her profanity. She needs God in her soul. She is not grieving for her father only cursing because he was shot because he was black. She enjoys the spotlight and the trouble she is creating.

  8. I find it hard to believe that IF my Father were shot I would be worried about shouting obscenities at Police while I filmed it. Where is her grief. She needs her mouth washed out with soap.

  9. So she calls the white cops coons, referenced an oriental cop as ling ling, and a black cop as a nigger, wonder what would have happened if a white person had called her a nigger. i’m thinking she has no emotion towards the fact that her father was shot, i think she’s more worried about her 15 minutes of fame

  10. Is it me or has anyone, anywhere seen BLM, let’s call them “lovelies”, (what I usually call them would get me banned from the Internet for LIFE!) arrested and prosecuted for these, acts of anarchy and social dissonance?
    Yesterday was a prime example, they terrified that truck driver stole her load and instead of taking it, they started a fire a burned it and several other trucks loads.
    I’ve seen several articles lately that say that BLM & ISIS are one and the same. At first the concept frightened me. Now, as I step back and look at the things that are happening and how, are the men that are being shot American made suicide bombers? And their real job is to continue the animosity between some Americans and law enforcement.
    It would be interesting to follow the money, see if these families are suddenly getting a windfall or have gotten one in the last couple of years. And I’m talking check distant cousins and extended family. They talk about being large close families.

    • and what would you call them big girl? you too are a part of the problem. if you would use a racial slur toward anyone, you are part of the problem. racist individuals are not ignorant! you choose to be that way. ignorance is a lack of knowledge. you yourself feeling so free to state “what you normally call them” would get you banned from the Internet is just a small example of the very large problem in our society. this is a humanity issue. and sadly you are part of that issue. wishing you clarity and peace of mind.

  11. The police officer told the suspect to put down his weapon, he did not, the police officer has the right to protect himself & coworkers, how is this racist if it was a black cop. I think blm are using this to start trouble & should suffer the consequences of not obeying or respecting the law! Where are all the rioters at today, & who is encouraging this type of behavior? hmmmm

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