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Update: Philadelphia bill to remove protective glass barriers from convenience stores, for dignity of residents, moves forward


Update: The controversial bill that would remove protective barriers from stop-and-go stores has passed Philadelphia’s Public Health and Human Services Committee.  The full city council will vote on the bill on December 14th.

Bulletproof glass and other barriers have long kept store workers safe from bodily harm and even death at the hands of armed criminals.  This is especially true in crime-infested cities like Philadelphia.

However, a head-scratching bill put forth by councilwoman Cindy Bass would remove these protections from store workers.  She claims that the plexiglass barriers are a form of “indignity” being pushed on her constituents.  The proposed legislation is called the ‘Stop and Go’ bill and states that “no establishment shall erect or maintain a physical barrier.”

Logically, store owners and workers see it very differently.  “If the glass comes down, the crime rate will rise and there will be lots of dead bodies,” said Rich Kim, who owns Broad Deli in an interview with Fox 29.

Kim put up protective glass in his store after a shooting, and says it saved his mother-in-law from a knife attack.

It seems clear that the councilwoman is willing to sacrifice the safety of store owners and workers within the city for the perceived dignity of the citizens.  A dangerous tradeoff.






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  1. Sounds to me like she might have a hand in some of these robberies and that her “Income” has been reduced since the glass barriers have been put in place.

    I bet she has locks on her doors and probably a security system on her home.

  2. The proprietors should immediately shut down all business in her constituents area. Stupidity, hate and just no logical form of thinking do not deserve any type of convenience of services.

  3. This does not seem to be accurate. The bill targets businesses that are getting liquor licenses by being a “restaraunt”. Presumably convenience stores are getting liquor licenses for retail businesses.

  4. Not her call to make. If she wants to barriers, she should remove the front door to her home and leave herself wide open for anyone wishing to do her harm. This is exactly what she’s proposing to businesses. The STUPID is very strong in this one, and that just can’t be fixed.

  5. Idiots, the whole point of this bill is to get rid of these stop n go’s in the black communities. These places have been profiting off of the disease of alcoholism in our neighborhoods. These establishments are magnets for drug dealers to hangout in front of. People are robbed and killed inside these businesses because they know that the Asian owners don’t care about the customer’s. These nuisance businesses are not found in white communities, because they are often blocked by the zoning boards due to the neighbors banning together to keep these parasites out. This is a very clever bill, She asks that they accommodate seating for 30 knowing most of them can’t meet this criteria due to limited space. Its about time someone stood up for low income families in the hood and take back our communities from these invaders who have profited off our misery since the 80″s when crack struck. Our depression caused by oppression of a racist society is how these things happen.

    • So running off the few business owners willing to provide services to your neighborhoods is the solution? How about change the culture of tolerance for the drug dealers hanging out in front of the store, support law enforcement in their goals to curb crime, and recognize that alcoholism inst a race issue. I know plenty of white alcoholics.

  6. Wow, the propaganda that gets spread around in this article is amazing. Turns out that this measure is just as Tommy stated. These Asian owned establishments were set up in low income neighborhoods where you could buy shots of alcohol along with candy for kids. They drew in the worst kind of adults, which put the lives of the kids who frequented these establishments in danger. What this bill did was make the owners, who cared nothing about the neighborhoods they resided, accountable for the destruction that they were doing to those neighborhoods.

    I can’t believe how slanted that article is, and that it was also posted here without being forthcoming. Seriously? Wow, that’s sad. Is that how we do it here now?


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