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Update: ‘Oh yeah, you like that’ woman from viral arrest video identified as well as charges


Update: Details have emerged involving the woman now dubbed the “You Like That Girl,” an Alabama State alumni who grinded on a Tuscaloosa Police officer while being taken into custody.

The woman, whose name is April Teale, claimed she was as drunk as she could be when she was pressed against the glass and arrested, blaming the combination of “Jager and Bootlegger.”

Teale no doubt made her parents proud with her antics, and spoke to a ‘Busted Coverage’ writer about her arrest.


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“I was charged with misconduct and harassment (not sexual),” she said. “Tennessee game day did a number on me.”

Teale stated that she would write a written apology to TPD.


We’re not sure where this video originated or what department the officer featured in it is with, but he’s never going to hear the end of it.

While making an arrest in what appears to be a downtown area, or at least near a bar or club, an officer had an unexpected situation arise.

The woman he was arresting decided stick out her butt and ‘grind’ it on the officer’s pelvis, while she yelled out, “do you like that?”

You can also hear people in the background chuckling at the scene as the woman presses her face against the glass and continues to push her buttocks onto the officer.

The officer can be seen trying to deflect the contact and calling for backup.

There is not word on whether the woman will face additional charges for her raunchy behavior.

It’s a short video clip, and soon we will have a little more background information on the entire incident.

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