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Update: Officer who fatally shot a fleeing suspect through a car windshield has been fired



Arkansas Online says the officer who fatally shot 30-year-old Bradley Blackshire has been fired.

Officer Charles Starks has been with the department since 2013 and was put relieved of his duties short after the incident.

The District Attorney has decided not to press charges against him.

Records show Starks had been reprimanded at least 10 times in recent years.

The police department did not give a reason for his firing.

Little Rock police have completed its investigation into a deadly officer-involved-shooting and have released dash cam video from the incident.

Officer Charles Starks fatally shot Bradley Blackshire last month during a traffic stop.

Blackshire was driving a stolen vehicle when he was pulled over.

In the video, you can hear Officer Starks tell Blackshire to get out of the car, something he refused to do.

Blackshire then tried to run Officer Starks over with his vehicle.

Officer Starks responded by unloading his gun into the driver.

According to KATV, the police have turned everything over to prosecutors for review and the FBI is looking into the killing on behalf of the U.S. D.O.J.

Blackshire’s family has disputed police claims and say the officer was wrong for using deadly force.

Officer Starks has been put on administrative leave pending the criminal investigation.

The Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police released a statement in support of Officer Starks and encouraged officers to continue to serve and protect.

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  1. Police Officer for 18 years here, are you guys really supporting this officer and agreeing that this suspect tried to run him over? Do you have a different video I can watch perhaps because this one clearing shows this officer opening fire on the suspect as he is standing beside the suspects vehicle, then he goes to the front and lays on the hood. lol

    • Very misleading headline. Cop was in the wrong on this on unless like Brad said there is a different video out there. Cant support the cop on this on.

    • Perhaps he thought by stepping in front of the car the dumbass behind the wheel would stop before striking the officer! Foolish of him! Since he had a stolen car and a firearm! Let’s just let this turd go to harm someone!

  2. You may want to watch a few more times…..yes he is to the side….but in front and slightly offset when the shooting starts then the suspect tries to run over him. The officer didnt just lay on the hood. Could he have stepped further to the left?? Probably, but we dont see what he saw.

  3. I am with Brad on this one, former LEO and an attorney. Trying to stop a car by standing in front of it isn’t exactly being run over, more like putting yourself in harms way.


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