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Update: Officer told she must choose between modeling and police work returns to department


Update: Adrienne Koleszar, known as Germany’s ‘most beautiful’ policewoman, has returned to the police force, and agreed to reduce the number of images she posts to social media.

Though it may be tough on her 600,000+ Instagram followers, her department has a shortage of officers, so a veteran coming back may be a welcome sight.


Saxony Polizei Officer Adrienne Koleszar. Image credit: Instagram (adrienne_koleszar)

Germany’s “most beautiful” policewoman has been ordered by her superiors to choose between being a member of the force or being a model.

Adrienne Koleszar is a 34-year-old police officer from Dresden- who just so happens to be an “Instagram model and influencer” with 557,000 followers.

Image credit: Instagram (adrienne_koleszar).

While she was named “Germany’s hottest policewoman” two years ago, it appears that her superiors have taken her excessive leave requests and social media presence as a sign she may not be putting policing first.

Earlier this year, Koleszar was granted a staggering six-month unpaid leave, with orders to return to service on January 1 of next year.

Image credit: Instagram (adrienne_koleszar).

“I will not receive any compensation from the Free State of Saxony, live on my savings and on my social media activities,” she said in July.

Interestingly enough, Saxony is a state with a shortage of police, and are attempting to fill over 1,000 positions.

Image credit: Instagram (adrienne_koleszar).

According to the Daily Mail, she was ordered to report for a meeting earlier this week by her superiors, who told her she must return to full-time duty in January or resign from her position.

Image credit: Instagram (adrienne_koleszar).

While being a police officer is important for Koleszar, she is also sponsored by several fitness brands and posts advertising in her social media feed.

In short, the clock is ticking for both Koleszar the model and Koleszar the officer- and only one will emerge in 2019.


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