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UPDATE: Man who was fatally shot by Good Samaritan while beating Florida deputy identified



The suspect who was fatally shot by a civilian while beating a Florida deputy has been identified as 53-year-old Edward Strother.

Strother was speeding on I-75 when he nearly hit Lee County Deputy Dean Bardes, who was assisting Florida Highway Patrol with an unrelated crash.  Believing that the near miss was intentional, Bardes hopped in his cruiser and pursued Strother.

53-year-old Edward Strother.
53-year-old Edward Strother.

Strother then stopped at the Corkscrew Road off ramp and charged at Bardes as he was getting out of his vehicle and tackled him to the ground.  He then began pummeling the Deputy Bardes, who struggled to maintain control of his weapon.

Several drivers stopped and acted as witnesses, but one still unidentified witness, a concealed carry permit holder, got out and warned Strother to stop beating the deputy.

Multiple sources are reporting that Bardes yelled to the Good Samaritan to shoot his attacker, which he did, striking Strother 3 times and killing him.

The unnamed Good Samaritan is being hailed as a hero by millions of people on social media, who are tired of the negative portrayal of police by some media outlets and groups like Black Lives Matter.



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  1. He just shoots him to death? No wounding? Seems a little excessive, doesn’t it? And that last little, “negative portrayal of police by some media outlets and groups like Black Lives Matter”, really wasn’t necessary was it? Not all BLM’s are ani-law enforcement.

    • Are you nuts?!?! He was attacking a police officer who was trying to maintain control of his firearm!!! Get real!!! If this was you being beaten I’m sure you would want the Good Samaritan to shoot to kill!!

    • That’s right…. No Wounding. Psychotics, and those who are under the influence of drugs don’t usually respond to being wounded. Most don’t even realize that they are wounded. Furthermore, adrenaline alone can cause muscle reflex to continue in an attack even after the individual has been shot. So… when dealing with an attacker intent on killing you, or someone else, you continue to fire Until the attacker is not moving anymore. Until the attack is stopped. Wounding only works on Saturday Night At The Movies. Don’t be influenced by what you see on TV.

    • Too harsh ??? Hmmmmmmmm, every CCW class instructor and police officer will tell you to shoot to stop the threat period. Sometimes results in death of the assailant sometimes not. BUT, do not you think that the criminal atta
      attacking the police officer in such a violent way was a little harsh too ???

    • Really? Maybe you need to go to a gun range, get some instruction and training, then have some supervised shooting and see what it’s like and how well you do. Then shoot with some “stress” added in to make it more realistic and see how you do. Then maybe you will realize that shooting to wound is a lot easier said than done. And if you were in the officer’s place you would have yelled the same thing, but you probably wouldn’t have been able to, because you would have likely been unconscious or dead.

    • Im sure if he was beat you to death you would want someone to shoot him as for you are a fool people die from excessive blows to the head.


    • You are an idiot. He needed to be killed. Police officers have a right to be safe as they work to keep us safe. LEOs, now that we have a President who respects the law, can there be a movement for a national right to stand your ground law? We need this desparately.

      • You d a m n DEVILS on here attacking this woman can GO BURN IN HELL WHERE YOU FOREVER BELONG! Right along with the crooked, corrupted cops, and the piece of S H I T that wrote this “article”!

    • No! Lives were in danger! The deceased man started this ball rolling, guaranteed if the guy got a hold of the cops gun, 2 good guys would have been killed! They have the right to go home to their families! You endanger or attack a cop and refuse orders you will get shot! And when in danger you shoot at the biggest target on a person.


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