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Update: LA County Sheriff out as head of emergency response, following reversal on gun store shut downs



Update: The L.A. County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously today to remove Sheriff Alex Villanueva as the head of the county’s emergency operations center. The board cited the desire to have a centralized operations center. They also cited the response to the Woolsey fire.

The news however comes one day after Sheriff Villanueva changed his position on closing gun stores in the county.


The Los Angeles County Sheriff came under fire after claiming that gun stores were not “essential” businesses during a pandemic-induced shutdown, and has since reversed course on his decision.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who was sued by gun-rights groups, has stated that he is now heeding the Saturday advisory from the Department of Homeland Security that deems firearms and ammunition dealers as “essential critical infrastructure workers.”

Describing the advisory as “persuasive,” Villanueva was able to backtrack from his previous stance and avoid further loss of confidence in his leadership.

According to NBC Los Angeles, the public reaction to the sheriff’s previous stance made national news, and set off a series of legal actions against the head of the LASO.

The initial order mandating shutdown of gun shops eroded with time, eventually expanding to allow business for security guards and anyone who had previously purchased a firearm prior to the lockdown.

Now, it seems, the public is once again free to purchase firearms during the lockdown, though simply obtaining one and staying within California’s strict gun laws may still prove a challenge.

Villanueva’s Monday announcement still drove home the emphasis for citizens to limit movement and exposure.

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