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Update: Austin serial bomber who blew himself up identified as home schooled 23-year-old


Update: The Austin bomber who blew himself up this morning has been identified as home-schooled 23-year-old Mark A. Conditt, a Pflugerville resident.

“Conditt received a degree from Austin Community College’s Northridge Campus and had worked at Crux Semiconductor in Austin”, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley has confirmed the Austin bombings suspect died in the early morning hours today as a SWAT team approached his vehicle.

The suspect has been identified as a 24-year-old white male, although his name has not been released.

Manley has urged the public to remain vigilant as there may still be explosive devices that haven’t been detonated in the area.

The suspect reportedly fled police who had tracked him to a Red Roof Inn in the Round Rock area. He reportedly drove into a ditch as he fled officers.

The Austin bombing suspect was caught on camera dropping off a package bomb. Authorities say he was likely wearing a disguise. Credit: CBS Dallas-Fort Worth.

As they closed in, he detonated two package bombs and police opened fire. It hasn’t been released yet whether he was killed by gunfire or by blowing himself up.

One officer was injured in the confrontation.

Authorities used a combination of surveillance video from a FedEx location as well as cell phone tracking to locate the suspect.

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  1. Can a 23 year old with a Community college degree and full time employment still be considered a homeschool student?

  2. Umm, what does the fact he was home schooled in the past have anything to do with it? There is no such thing as a 23 yr old homeschooler. From sources I’ve found he graduated back in 2013. Then proceeded to attend a college (you know where socialist/communist professors teach at?) Who the heck cares where his schooling came from? For every one case of homeschoolers there are thousands and thousands of cases of kids that come from brick and mortar schools that do horrendous acts too. He obviously was a troubled soul, and honestly you should be taking the time to find out why he did what he did. Who cares how he was educated as a kid? Other news sources also say he was 24 yrs old too.

  3. How does one homeschool a 23 year old!? Please do explain. He was a grown man!! an adult who attended college. Not a homeschooled 23 year old.

  4. PHEW, good thing he wasn’t a 23 year old public schooled kid. Imagine how lame that headline would be. ?

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