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University student who led ‘social justice groups’ arrested for impersonating frat member, sending threats to herself and others


A former University of La Verne student in California was arrested on suspicion of submitting false police reports for attention and compensation while she attended university.

Anayeli DominguezPena (one word), a former leader in her social justice group geared towards students, reportedly sent over ten threats to herself and her colleagues in what some believe is an attempt to stir up racial tension.

“I think she was trying to instigate some racial issues within the university,” La Verne Police Chief Nic Paz said of the incidents, which took place in 2019. “She was sending messages to certain people and the comments that were being sent were of a racial nature.”

The threats resulted in classes being cancelled for a day.

DominguezPena was also the victim in an “attack” by masked individuals and reported finding a smoking backpack found in her vehicle.

LVPD spokesman Bob Nishimura said he couldn’t confirm whether DominguezPena fabricated the attack, or if she was responsible for the backpack incident. However, he did note that  his agency determined -through the use of digital forensics- that DominguezPena was the person sending the threatening messages via email and social media.

DominguezPena also applied for compensation from the California Victim Compensation Board, which gives grants to people who are victims of crimes.

“We found the suspect applied for benefits, signed forms under penalty of perjury and tried to get victim compensation benefits from the state,” Nishimura said.

DominguezPena also attempted to frame a campus fraternity, hoping to turn police attention to the fraternity president.

“These incidents are very upsetting to our community,” University of La Verne spokesman Rod Leveque said. “We pride ourselves on being a safe, diverse and inclusive campus and this really struck at the heart of that.”

According to the Daily Bulletin, DominguezPena has been charged with arrested criminal threats, perjury, internet or electronic impersonation and filing false police reports.

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