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University of Minnesota to remove race from criminal descriptions


Due to constant pressure from student groups, emails of criminals roaming the campus of the University of Minnesota will no longer include descriptions of the suspect’s race.
As reported by the Star Tribune, in an email to students, faculty and staff, University President Pamela Wheelock said campuswide notifications will only include the suspect’s description “when there is sufficient detail that would help identify a specific individual or group.” She also stressed that the goal of the alerts was to make sure students and residents feel safe and informed.
Racial tension on the campus, which has grown in recent months, led students to protest on the issue.
“For some, knowing they have all the information available about a crime, including the complete suspect description, makes them feel better informed and increases how safe they feel,” said Wheelock in her email. “But others — particularly black men — have shared that suspect descriptions negatively impact their sense of safety.”
Wednesday afternoon, ‘Diversity?’, a campus advocacy group, expressed their pleasure in the decision. However, they did say they felt “the administration remains unconvinced that racial profiling has real and tangible consequences.”
According to university spokesman Steve Henneberry, the university will be joining the University of Maryland as the only Big Ten schools that are “evaluating the use of those descriptors in a case-by-case basis.”

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  1. Political correctness has now run amok! To leave out key descriptors of a suspect is ludicrous. Let’s not mention they have a limp because people will discriminate against those who limp. Let’s not say they were over 6 foot tall because everyone over 6 feet tall will feel the world is looking at them with fear.

    Let’s not do everything we can to catch a criminal, because we may hurt someone’s feelings. We all know that hurt feelings and are worse than another rape, or another loss of life. And we can all go about feeling good about our high morals!

    Come on. REALLY?


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