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University of Nevada police chief throws officer under the bus for dressing up as Colin Kaepernick for Halloween


Adam Garcia, the chief for the University of Nevada’s Reno campus police force has condemned one of his officers for dressing up as the anti-police, anti-American and out-of-work former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick for Halloween.

In response to a tweet that showed the officer in uniform alongside a picture of him in his Halloween costume, Chief Garcia said, “for those who have seen the Halloween costume of one of our officers apparently mocking a citizen who has chosen to take advantage of his constitutional right to protest, I offer my sincere apologies.”

“Members of our profession are held to a higher standard and denigrating another – on or off duty – is insensitive for its lack of respect and lack understanding on how others may negatively view their actions and may be impacted, Garcia said according to the Reno Gazette Journal.

However it’s likely no action will be taken against the officer as the department does not have a policy in place that he violated. We’ll see if that changes in the future.

In an odd twist of justice on the social media platform that started this headache, most users were annoyed that the officer was being called out for the costume. The top response to the tweet was, “IT’S A HALLOWEEN COSTUME! Y’all are too sensitive.”

However the chief wasn’t deterred by the support of his officer on social media, and continued to throw him under the bus in a perplexing effort to gain favor with people who aren’t always capable of rational thought.

“Behavior such as this magnifies unsafe feelings and lack of trust in police, especially when that individual is responsible for the safety of all members of the University, regardless of color, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion. At a time when officers should be heightened in their attentiveness to perception by our community, this act seems extremely out of touch with those sentiments and reflects poorly on all of us,” Chief Garcia said.

As the one astute Twitter user put it, Chief, It’s a Halloween costume. Don’t justify the insane sentiment that people in your jurisdiction are less safe because he wore it. That’s a disservice to everyone.

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