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Unidentified Florida man on the run after fighting detective on camera


A Florida man is on the loose after grappling in a parking lot with a West Palm Beach Police officer.

Reportedly pulled over by a plainclothes officer for a traffic violation, the suspect refused to be taken into custody, bailing out of the vehicle and grappling with the detective while frantically screaming.

While several onlookers were about, none assisted the officer, opting out of the conflict to film the unfolding altercation.

Video footage shows the man of slim build frantically fighting the officer off, making several tense reaches for his firearm, which was openly carried in a retention holster.

The WPBPD officer never drew his sidearm, instead attempting to de-escalate the situation and calm the man down.

Eventually, the suspect broke free and took off on foot.

The WPBPD PIO Sergeant David Lefont told CBS12 that they are reviewing the video to identify the suspect, as he now will have a “battery of an officer” charge on his head.

“I think what you have here is a very violent suspect who is refusing to comply with orders even as bystanders are trying to tell the person to calm down and relax and what we should have is some compliance,” Lefont said.

The officer in the video appears uninjured and no reports on his condition have been made.

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