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Under direction from mayor, Portland police reportedly refuse to respond to 911 calls from ICE employees



Police in the Oregon city of Portland reportedly refused to answer two 911 calls from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) employees, who were trapped inside their offices as far-left protestors took up barricaded positions outside of their building.

The National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council -a union representing ICE- sent Mayor Ted Wheeler a cease-and-desist letter, asking him to ensure the police actually do their job of protecting and serving those who need them.

“As you are aware, the 14th Amendment forbids the government from denying any person or persons equal protection of the laws,” the letter read. “Your policy of not providing police services to employees of ICE creates a class of people based upon their source of income. You have failed to articulate why these people deserve to be the target of your ire and, you have failed to articulate the legitimate government interest protected or supported by your targeting of hardworking citizens.”

The letter also accused the agency of picking sides in the highly-political and tense argument over illegal immigration.

“We understand that you have a difference of opinion with the current President of the United States, and some of his policies, but we fail to see why targeting the employees of ICE and leaving them vulnerable to violence, harassment and even death furthers a legitimate government interest,” the letter continued. “Your policy has created a zone of terror and lawlessness. We ask that you end your policy of not responding to calls for police services from ICE employees immediately. Our membership has been the subjected to threats of physical violence and harassment since you announced your policy.”

The union noted that they “would like to avoid federal litigation,” but are prepared to protect their members and respective family members.

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