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Unarmed officer and K9 attacked with crowbars and hammers while in vehicle in England

image credit: Twitter.

Criminals in the United Kingdom terrorized an unarmed officer and his working dog as they assaulted his vehicle with crowbars and hammers.

In a country where guns and knives are all but banned outright, an unmarked K9 sedan of the West Yorkshire Police was attacked by thugs, who began smashing windows while the dog and handler were still inside.

Image Credit: Twitter.

In an effort to combat the criminals, West Yorkshire Police Chief Dee Collins courageously took to Twitter and openly reviled the acts of the tool-wielding miscreants.

“Absolutely disgraceful incident and we will find and deal with those responsible,” she tweeted. “I’ve been in touch with the officer & supervision and he’s shaken but ok. Completely unacceptable #ProtectTheProtectors #Heretokeepyousafe @WestYorksPolice.”

According to the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, WYP Assistant Chief Andy Battle replied: “This is disgraceful and a clear demonstration of the risks our officers face in their attempts to keep our communities safe. Nothing justifies this. Now time to focus on bringing the offenders to justice.”

West Yorkshire officers reported 372 assaults against them in 2016/17, with officials claiming the figures are likely much higher.

The incident will no doubt sent forth new vigor in the social fight to ban hammers and crowbars from the island nation.

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