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UC Davis professor thinks cops “need to be killed,” university says there’s nothing it can do


A University of California-Davis English professor is in hot water with the school and law enforcement after anti-police tweets from his personal account were exposed by the student newspaper.

The California Aggie article details Professor Joshua Clover history of being a pro-cop killer.

In one 2014 tweet, Prof. Clover said, “I am thankful that every living cop will one day be dead, some by their own hand, some by others, too many of old age #letsnotmakemore.”

There were at least two other tweets made, and that doesn’t include Prof. Clover’s statements in the classroom and other public appearances.

Clover’s twitter account is now set as private.

Clover defended his statements to the paper saying, “the most effective way to end any violence against officers is the complete and immediate abolition of the police.”

Apparently, his hatred of police was well known among the students, yet administrators at UC Davis have not done anything to curb his rhetoric.

UC Davis told the student newspaper that the comments were reprehensible, but didn’t warrant further action due to his constitutional rights under the first amendment.

The campus was the site for a candlelight vigil for slain Davis Police officer Natalie Corona.

Corona was killed responding to a three-car accident in January. When she arrived on scene a suspect gunned her down.

She was seen as a rising star in the department.

That shooter was later found dead in a nearby home.

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