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Two Mounties called in to deal with non-paying ‘customer’ at Starbucks show Canadian-level restraint when dealing with absolute jerk (graphic language)


Two members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) gave a great demonstration of politeness, patience and professionalism when they had to deal with a belligerent lunatic in Starbucks.

The situation unfolded after Starbucks allegedly asked the bizarre cameraman to leave the store. When he refused, the RCMP politely stepped in to get the man to leave.

Initially refusing to identify himself, the man was asked to leave and refused to do so. When told he would be arrested if he did not comply, he claimed he was already arrested after “fleeing a concentration camp” and that RCMP stole $470 off of his bank card.

The man repeatedly tells the officer to go f*** themselves as he tries to leave.

“Look at the bullying, intimidating manner of these two,” the man says as his camera pans over the two least-threatening anglo-saxon officers in existence. “Look how goddamn violent these bastards are to you.”

“Go f*** yourself,” the man repeats incessantly as he leaves the cafe.

The video was posted to the YouTube channel WhereismyCanada? and has only received negative feedback.

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  1. He would’ve been in handcuffs after the1st “Go fuck yourselves” in the USA! What in the world does it take to get arrested in Canada? He was being a public nuisance!

  2. These Mounties really held it together. They must have dealt with this lunatic before. I believe I would have waited, followed him and found a dark alley he wouldn’t have come out of under his own steam.

  3. That sh** disturber is the violent and aggressive and abusive one. He’s the one causing problems and thinks he is above everyone else and doesn’t pay for his order. Should have dragged him out by his snotbox!

  4. Obvious mental health issues. No point in arresting him or ticketing him. And I’m sure he will “be back tomorrow”. It’s a thankless job. Well done, guys.

  5. I know those two officers, they are decent individuals who have to deal with jerk-offs like you everyday. They aren’t social workers, and obviously you need one and even more so some perhaps psychiatric observation and care. They dealt with you professionally and kindly. They didn’t swear, they didn’t manhandle you. You own them an apology.

  6. He has been arrested and charged with a couple of charges now:

    Video leading up to the harassment/mischief charges (from Oct 14):

    To get more from the fella that just gives you shivers just google videos for “Off To The Yukon WhereismyCanada”. He was fortunately put on a plane to Vancouver today, where he may be able to get some help that he needs.

    Yes, our RCMP officers are VERY accommodating. They deal with TONS of this stuff daily.


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