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Two Alabama deputies fired after refusing to get pot for Sheriff


Two ex-Alabama deputies say they were fired for refusing to follow the sheriff’s orders, when he asked them to “get him pot” for his dying aunt.

The former Winston County deputies- Zak Green and Steven Moody- say they were stunned when their boss asked them to bring him weed for his aunt– who was dying of cancer.

The deputies are now suing for wrongful termination.. claiming the county of Winston is corrupt.

Sheriff Hobby Walker
Sheriff Hobby Walker
According to WBRC, Green confiscated marijuana in May of 2015 and showed it to his boss, Sheriff Hobby Walker. The sheriff allegedly slid it across the desk and put it in a drawer and said to Green: ‘Thank you.’

Green responded: ‘No sir, I’ve got to have it for court.’ Walker: ‘Well I need you to get me some.’ Green: ‘Like make more cases?’ then Walker: ‘No, I need you to get me some, I’ve got somebody that needs it that’s sick.”

Three months after that conversation, the deputies recorded their boss asking them for marijuana.   “I need a little bit of dope, OK? I’ve been trying to get one ever since I’ve been in office and this has been going on eight months. The woman’s gonna die before…you know?”

At that point, Green and Moody went to the local district attorney’s office, contacted the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, and the states attorney general’s office. They confiscated marijuana from a rural field in Winston County, reportedly at the request of an outside agency.

During a meeting on Sept. 23, they recorded video showing them handing over that marijuana to Sheriff Walker, WBRC reports. The deputies were fired on November 30, and so far no criminal charges have been filed against the sheriff.


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