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Tulsa police release footage of two officers being shot, one fatally, during traffic stop


The Tulsa Police released grim body camera footage of a traffic stop gone wrong- one that led to the death of an officer and the wounding of another.

Despite releasing the video for the sake of transparency, Police Chief Wendell Franklin and Mayor G.T. Bynum urged the public to avoid watching the graphic video of the June 29 shooting.

YouTube video

The two officers involved were Sgt. Craig Johnson and Officer Aurash Zarkeshan.of TPD.

Chief Franklin noted that the video -though graphic- was released due to misinformation being spread by an increasingly-large anti police movement, which was creating unnecessary public dissent.

“People are not police officers, and they don’t understand,” Franklin said, adding that he disagreed with the video release due to the traumatic event and the fact that the footage is “evidence that should be played out in court.”

The shooter, 33-year-old David Anthony Ware, may face the death penalty for killing Johnson and wounding Zarkeshan. He faces first-degree murder charges, among others.

According to Tulsa World, Ware’s co-defendant, Matthew Hall, is accused of being an accessory after the fact on an allegation that he helped Ware evade arrest after the shooting.

“Some have tried to paint a picture of deception, that this, what we have told you, is deceptive. In no way is it deceptive,” Franklin said.

The chief admitted that initial reports of Ware’s actions may not have been accurate, but that it ultimately didn’t matter due to the lawful actions of the officers and the fact that “two officers were gunned down.”

“You know, we’re supposed to be a civilized society. We’re supposed to be a society that is different, is modern,” he said. “Yet to me it seems as though criminals have more … rights than what you and I do. They have more rights than what our law enforcement officers do. You would never be allowed publicly to see the execution of a criminal, yet today you get to publicly see the execution of a police officer. What kind of society is that?”

Ware was initially stopped due to a traffic infringement in the early hours, leading officers to believe he may have been intoxicated. During the stop, it was determined that Ware had no insurance and expired tags, meaning that his vehicle needed to be towed.

For 17 minutes, officers attempted to get Ware to leave the vehicle, but the gunman refused. When forced to go hands on and use less-lethal measures, Ware simply became more agitated and shot both officers.

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  1. FRY HIS SORRY POS ASS. Keep it up criminals and youre gonna piss off the silent majority. We will hunt all your insect asses down and end you. A bullet is cheap.

  2. He begged them to stop, said they where violating his rights. It was just a traffic infraction and they assaulted him. He was defending himself and still continued to weep for help after he defended himself. Of course we see public executions all the time when police kill citizens indiscriminately. Police want to be militarized and be at war with the American people then want to get upset when their enemies shoot back….

    • You are out of your bloody mind, kid. I taught jerks like you for 30 years. Most students were more reasonable and intelligent than what your post here reveals, but there was always a minority of truly evil types like you. Was it their upbringing that brought them this low or was it just that some people love evil and hate the good? I don’t know, really. Regardless, people like you and the clown in this video have to be opposed by civilized society. Frankly, I hope both this lowlife on the body cam and his pal get the death penalty. My choice would be death by firing squad. They richly deserve it. And, as for you….shut up and sit down till you grow up, punk.

    • You’re an idiot and probably a criminal, which could only explain why someone would say something like this. You don’t get to go on your merry way just because you say you want to. You are the exact kind of people normal Americans are fed up with and are ready to exterminate. We’ve lost our patience. Better decide if you want to gamble with the cops or with us. You won’t like what we do.

    • You are wrong. All he had to do was comply with a LAWFUL ORDER by the officers. Begging doesn’t change that. He was given multiple chances to do as he was asked and he failed. He broke the law and then whined about having to pay the consequences. That’s how it usually goes. Punk breaks the law, LEOs make contact, punk gets mouthy and refuses to comply, LEOs are forced to escalate the confrontation and then, someone gets hurt or killed. What if it had gone like this? Punk breaks the law, LEOs make contact, punk gets out of the car, LEOs search the punk for weapons (for their safety as well as others’), punk answers questions and follows directions, punk gets a ticket and finds a ride home. If it had gone that way, the officer would be alive, the other officer wouldn’t have gotten hurt and the punk would have gotten a ticket and had to get he car out of impound. Now, because of his stupid actions and entitled misconception of how to conduct oneself, he will likely spend a great deal of the long life he has ahead of him in prison. The officer, who was just doing his job and was way more patient than most people, is gone forever. The other officer will heal physically but may never heal mentally. Whining and begging is not how you avoid going to jail in a civilized society. You avoid jail by following the law. It’s that simple.

    • Totally agree with you Dawn, you explained it perfectly!!! Maybe they’ll learn not to trample on Citizens rights and harass them and torture them! This entire incident can be blamed on the officers freaking idiots!!!

      • I can’t believe the ignorance of the law w these morons. They think you can change the laws right there on the spot. Maybe there should be a PSA to inform idiots what Police procedure is when you break certain laws. This crap caused a death of an officer? I can’t even

    • Dawn – Reading your comment makes me believe you just might be one of the dumbest people on the planet. Unbelievably horrible take on your part and this shows that you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Just go away and stop trying to educate us with your stupidity!

    • That is the most dumb response I have seen in a long time. He was asked to get out and the officers were very patient for longer than they probably should have been. The guy even says he doesn’t want to go to jail. So he knew he had things and/or was doing something wrong. He could have simply got out of the car but he obviously knew he was going to jail if they searched either him or his car. He obviously had the gun in his pants.

    • All they wanted was for the man to get out of the car so it could be towed.It was not registered or insured. I hope they take that Mother Fucker outside the courthouse and shoot him in the forehead in front of his family!

    • You’re a f’n moron and must be mentally challenged if you think anything this guy did was in the right. I hope he fry’s and burns in hell. You truly are a POS and need a beating.

  3. Where did the gun come from? I couldn’t tell if it was the criminals or if he took one of the Police Officers guns.

    • Larry, he got it out from under the driver’s seat… If u watch, when they spray him and start to pull him out, he keeps looking toward the front lower edge of his seat, amd actually reaches in that direction 2 or 3 times, but he chickens out until his friend shoqs up, and the officers start wrestling with him…
      The officers should have noticed his mannerisms at the end, but their attention was diverted by the appearance of his friend showing up- they simply became too preoccupied with worrying about whether or not the friend was going to get out of his car…
      The first time i saw this, i hadn’t heard anything about this, so i didn’t know what happened, and was just a casual eyewitness in this event, simply watching the video from the safe confines of my home… Then, when the friend showed up, i was thinking, “i will bet the friend is going to jump out and start shooting– but, when he started reaching and looking toward his seat area, and trying to divert the officers’ attention, my old spidey senses, from my days of working in law enforcement, woke up, and i started having ptsd, amd started getting agitated at my phone, amd hollering at it, trying to warn the officers that they were about to make a rookie mistake, that could (and did) cost them their lives…
      The whole time i was watching this, all i could think of were 2 things, over and over again– things that were glaring back at me, from my training officer (i believe i had one of the best to ever wear a uniform to train me, and it shows, given my instincts in this situation, amd others)… Those 2 things i kept thinking were:
      1)damn, this is taking toooooo long; you needed to have this kid put of that car, long before he had time to think about what he wanted to do (my trainer burned into my brain, that, you NEVER let the suspect have time to “think” about a plan of action, or to change his mind– you ALWAYS make up his mind for him, and quickly convince him to do what you need him to do – even if it requires a little “peer pressure” to persuade him, via oc spray or taser)… And,
      2)who is running this traffic stop??? The guy with the badge is ALWAYS supposed to be in control of the situation; it is your rules, and you are playing your game — not the suspect’s (when the officers start letting a suspect set “stipulations” (i.e., “i will only do this, if you do this…”), or, you let them become argumentative to the point that they are controlling the situation (the officer acts like the parent of a toddler– “i am going to whip you if you don’t stop! One! Twooooo! Two-amd-a-half…. Come on, now; i am almost at 3…. One….); If you are doing this, you have lost ALL CONTROL..)…

      We are no longer allowing police to be the “strong arm” of the law, and, sadly, now, the police are letting suspects walk ALL OVER THEM, out of fear for their jobs, freedom, etc, if it goes sideways… Society MUST back these officers EVERY TIME the suspect decides that he/she is ABOVE the law, and just “doesn’t feel like having to obey the officers today, because that law is stupid,” and, “i know my rights!” -i mean, like tge two moronic girls on fhis post have already said (Dawn amd Gina), “he said he didn’t want to get out of the car, and it was JUST a traffic law he broke,” so wjy didn’t they just leave him alone? (I mean, he just broke the law???? This kind of stupidity comes from years of “woke” liberals lying to everyone, ams telling you that you don’t have to listen to those stupid cops– after all, they work for YOU, so, they should be obeying YOU)…

    • He pulls the gun from his glove box it looks like. He even drops it on the floor as they are trying to pull him out of the car and then goes for it as they are pulling him out. They are spraying him so it would make sense why they didn’t see it.

  4. Dawn…You are so wrong…As they said they couldn’t tow the car with him in it ie no INSURANCE AND EXPIRED REGESTRATION PLUS being pulled over for cutting the officer off. (Possible D.U.I.) and you can’t do a field sobriety test while sitting in a car you refuse to get out of.
    He added to the escalation by refusing to get out and the police had the right to force him out then he shot both officers So he begged them to stop…What then should the officers do in your mind?…write him a ticket and let him go and drive with no insurance as he wipes out one of your family members before he makes it home?. Let’s see how liberal you’ll be if that happens. AND NO IT WAS NOT AN IFRACTION. Look it up.

  5. The is the result of the police becoming land pirates, stealing the people’s money for the smallest of infractions. Obviously this man has been a victim of their practices and decided he wasn’t going to take it anymore.

    According to the Constitution we all have the right to freely travel throughout the U.S. the government has decided to build roads using taxpayer money that we must use so they can control us and use it as a way to generate revenue by enforcing laws that inhibit the people’s ability to constitutionally travel freely. The people have had enough of this and their many other ways of stealing from us.

    The cops had a choice, they could have cited the man and sent him on his way or they could cite him, tow his vehicle causing him tremendous financial hardship all because he committed an “infraction”. Their decision proved to be a fatal one.

    I remember when the police served the community, they respected the people and they did everything within their power to make sure they helped the community, not hinder it and make enemies of the people.

    The police today will tell you, when they have an interaction with the people it is just business for them, nothing personal just business, but for the people it’s very personal, it affects their lives, it can mean the difference between paying a bill, buying food or medicine, paying for daycare, buying gas to get to work and paying the government for breaking their rule.

    I believe this country is on the verge of a war and if that happens the cops who wronged people, who used their authority to hurt citizens instead of helping them, their deeds will not be forgotten.

    The police need to change the way they interact with the public before it all goes to crap. It’s up to the police to earn the respect of the people.

  6. For you idiots that like to run your mouth without doing your research, the ones who always feel sorry for the evil bastards that take Innocent lives ( you are also truly evil I can not fathom where your way of thinking originated) did it ever cross your mind that maybe one of the cops already knew about this guys history? Well one of the officers had actually had more than a few run ins with this guy in the past and knew his history. He is a felon and they knew that. They also stated in the video that he may have been intoxicated so noooo they can not just write him a ticket and let him DRIVE home. Once all of this happened police did find narcotics in this vehicle the guy was under the influence of some sort of substance. Please for the love of god do you research before commenting with your ignorance.

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