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Tulsa PD Gang Unit breaks down video where suspect goes for officer’s gun


YouTube video

In an After Action Report on Live PD, Tulsa Police Department Gang Unit member Sgt. Sean “Sticks” Larkin breaks down a video of a deadly situation where an armed suspect went for an officer’s gun.

The clarity of the video, as well as the technique of the officers in this life-and-death scenario has led to it being used for training purposes for several local and federal departments, according to Larkin.

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  1. Dear Sticks,
    Most of the time, officers “seem” to be in control of traffic stops. The common denominator that puts many innocent lives in danger is after a traffic stop, you guys need to obtain the vehicle keys FIRST before continuing your investigation. Many police chases have been because a suspect takes off with officers hanging dangerously from their car doors facing injury or death.because you are too assuming their cooperative surrender. PD CAM has many scenarios with what looks like the KEYSTONE COPS. REALLY??? Back to the Academy??

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