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Tulsa fire chief ‘follows his heart,’ removes blue line stickers from fire trucks


The Tulsa, OK fire chief is taking it upon himself to distance the city’s fire department from the police department following the acquittal of a police officer who fatally shot a black man who was high on PCP, parked in the middle of a road, not following officers’ commands and behaving erratically.

Tulsa Fire Department Chief Ray Driskell is frightened that supporting law enforcement in general may send the wrong message to certain people.

“It hit me in my heart that this was the right thing to do for the City of Tulsa and for the citizens,” Chief Ray Driskell said, according to NewsOn6.

The Tulsa Fire Department added the stripe after the slaying of 5 Dallas police officers last year to show solidarity with their first responder counterparts.

Ironically however, in removing the stripes, Chief Driskell is now showing solidarity with those who perpetuate the false narrative that police officers are inherently racist individuals who are just driving around looking for black people to shoot.  The same false narrative that lead to multiple attacks on law enforcement in recent years.

‘Cops are bad, we can’t support them’ is implicit message that removing the stickers has.

“I don’t need a blue stripe on my fire truck to show solidarity with the police department, they know that we support them. I have weekly meetings with them. I have firefighters who work out with them,” he said. “Had it not been for the Officer Shelby thing that happened I don’t know that we would be doing this either. I don’t know that there would be the perception that it means two different things to people. It only means one to me,” Driskell said.

Chief Driskell ordered every fire department in the city to remove the stripes immediately.

As of this publication there is no known response from the firefighters’ union, but it’s likely the city’s bravest are none too happy with the chief’s decision to abandon the very individuals whom they work side-by-side with to keep the city safe.

Perhaps instead of following his heart the chief should consider using his brain and stick to his job instead of making a major political issue out of a simple bumper sticker that was likely supported by the majority of his firefighters and the majority of the citizens of the city.

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  1. As in almost every case, a Police or Fire Chief is appointed by the Mayor. The Mayor being a politician can’t take a chance on losing his precious votes, so the Chief always sucks up to him/her so they can keep their job. I know the day will never come, but I’ll always believe that Law Enforcement and First Responder’s as a whole need to be out of politicians grips.

  2. So what happens when the police department feels that supporting the fire Department could in general may send the wrong message to certain people.

  3. But firefighters always save lives–except when they don’t. They can stand in the street dragging hoses and not worry about the fire shooting a bullet at them. They don’t go in if they don’t feel it is safe. There are many instances of police going into burning buildings and saving people before the hose draggers even show up. Cowardly move, Chief. But not shocking.
    Heck, they won’t even fight a fire if there is danger of being shot at. They wait for police to clear the scene.

  4. This is the right move. Fire fighing can.not get into political debating while on duty. Leave that for offl duty.

  5. It was a very bad shooting that will affect the rest of us. She has no reason being a officer. Right move by the FD

    • You think so? Or maybe there are threats that do not need to be made public, and he is doing his job by keeping firefighter safety the number one priority. A blue stripe is thoughtful and has been approved for months, but the lack thereof isn’t going to cause issue with between TPD and TFD. But it will calm down the violence and aggression that is present due to the blue stripes. There’s much more to the story that you naive idiots don’t know. So keep your opinion short and sweet until you’re in that position

  6. This chief is a coward, if you have ever confronted someone on PCP or any other hallucination you don’t mess with them. They are not rational and want to fight. They think they are superman and will try to take your weapon and use it on you. I go home at the end of my shift, God willing, and knowing how to use my training. I also rely on my fellow officers for back up, but at times you are on your own and must make split second decisions.

  7. “‘Cops are bad, we can’t support them’ is implicit message that removing the stickers has.”

    You had to go there, didn’t you?

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