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Truck rams sheriff’s vehicle twice, deputy fires at driver



A statement from the Calvert County Sheriff’s office described an incident that mystifies those who have read it. Somehow a driver of a pick-up hit a county police car on Monday, not once but twice. The deputy in the vehicle had to resort to firing at the driver.

The Washington Post reported that the statement said Deputy Richard Wilson was driving his police cruiser on Monday around 3:10 p.m. on Maryland Route 261 when he was struck in the rear wheel area of the driver’s side by a pick-up. The impact caused the vehicle to spin off the road.

It appeared as if it might be a hit-and-run as the truck took off, but it turned off the road and hit the police car again. This time the driver sped up and pushed the cruiser down a slight incline.

According to The Washington Post, Wilson was forced to fire multiple shots through the police cruiser’s windshield and into the truck windshield. The driver, who was a woman, was not hit so she got out and started to run away. She was apprehended by the deputy and a bystander.

The county sheriff’s office only issued a statement and declined to answer requests for additional information, including the name of the woman and if she had been charged with any crimes.

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