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Truck driver who plowed through protesters will not face charges


A North Carolina man who plowed through a crowd of street-blocking protesters Monday will not be cited, according to authorities.

The protesters -who did not have a permit to close the road- were unharmed after the driver of the offending pickup shunted them off of the road.

The driver, who was towing a trailer near the Durham County Jail, accelerated after protesters blocked his path and struck his (rather expensive) pickup with signs.

While the authorities aren’t planning to cite the man, the protesters can’t help but hide their scorn.

“There were kids there. There were people with different mobilities that weren’t able to run and pick up and move,” said protester Christine Hawn. “And so, everyone, no one was injured, but it was really scary and it was scary to see that blatant disregard for human well-being.”

According to WNCN, the assembly was organized by several groups, including Black Youth Project 100, the Inside-Outside Alliance and the Durham Beyond Policing Campaign.

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  1. Any IDIOT that thinks stepping onto a highway to “protest” deserves whatever happens. I just hope the vehicle that smacks the morons has a good grill guard on it.

  2. If you are so worried about someone getting hurt, stay off the damn roads. You people aren’t more important than any one else. You are a mortal, just as I am, no one is more important than anyone else.

    If I needed to get somewhere and you were stopping me, I might do the same thing. The moral of the story is, “Don’t block the road in an effort to stop people from going about their lives. Remember, “All Lives Matter, not just Black lives” “.

  3. Why in the world would you have your kids in this kind of atmosphere in the first place? Illegal in the first place, and these people are no better than the terrorists that use innocents to guard where they are. So much hate, so much abuse of there rights….

  4. These “protesters” need to get a life. It’s wonderful you are exercising your right to protest HOWEVER when you exercising said right prevents me from living my life you are no longer protesting you are rioting and you are by definition committing a terrorist act. Wait what?!?!?!?!?! Yes you are committing a terrorist act. By stopping me from getting to my job or my home because you want to “protest” you are terrorising me. I support the concept of protesting however I do not support shutting down a road so others can not get where they need to go.

  5. They were not running to get OUT of the way. They were running up to get IN the way of the truck!! If they were injured it is their own fault.

  6. If you don’t want to be tread filler for a vehicle’s tire…..stay out of the road.

    I’m glad they’re not charging him. He did nothing wrong. Idiot protesters are out playing “Real-Life Frogger”.
    Yeah he hurt their snowflake feelings but so what.


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