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Trooper shot by suspect 12 times wanted $30 million, now he may not see anything after court ruling


An Oregon State Trooper seeking $30 million in damages after he was shot 12 times by a suspect, may not see any of it after a federal court ruling.

According to KOIN, trooper Nic Cederberg had been seeking damages against the state and a local hospital after he pursued an armed and dangerous suspect on Christmas day 2016.

The suspect, James Tylka, had been released by the Legacy Meridian Park Hospital the day before, went home and killed his estranged wife.

The lawsuit blames the hospital for disregarding a mental health hold on Tylka, releasing him and failing to notify the police department, and the Washington County Sheriff’s 9-1-1 center who put out an order to locate Tylka, but never disclosed he was armed and wanted for murdering his ex-wife.

Cederberg contends he would not have confronted Tylka or would have made different decisions if all of the appropriate information was given to him on that fateful night.

Tylka committed suicide before officers could arrest him.

Cederberg was shot 12 times in a shoot out with Tylka. One bullet remains at the base of his spine and fragments are left in his forearm.

He is permanently disabled and now his wife is his full-time caretaker.

The couple had been seeking damages and lost wages due to the circumstances.

A federal judge has thrown out most of the lawsuit, namely anything against 911 center and Sheriff’s office because dispatchers did not “intentionally withhold” information about the suspect.

Meanwhile, the remaining portion of the lawsuit against the hospital is going forward, but lawyers for Meridian Park are confident they can get the rest of the case dismissed.

Cederberg had been seeking $2 million for past and current pain, $18 million for future suffering, and $10 million due to his wife’s loss of employment since she has to take care of him 24 hours a day.

Trooper Cederberg was just awarded the Presidential Medal of Valor four months ago at a ceremony at the White House.

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