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Trooper politely shuts down annoying cop blocker harassing him for not wearing a mask


A Florida Highway Patrolman was harassed for not wearing a protective mask- and handled the situation quite well.

The incident was videotaped by an aggressive “First Amendment Auditor,” who posted the video to the “Auditing Florida” YouTube channel.

Accusing the authorities of spreading coronavirus, the auditor grilled the trooper for giving out tickets and not wearing PPE.

“This is how you spread COVID-19,” the auditor said.

One trooper -though largely inaudible over traffic- explained that he was doing the job that he was tasked to do, despite equipment shortages.

FHP is known for their professionalism and politeness, which is drilled into them at the academy and part of their evaluations. Despite being confronted and asked many questions, the troopers did the smartest thing of all when approached by an auditor- politely excusing one’s self and returning to duty.

By respectfully disengaging, the trooper managed to prevent the auditor from agitating him further, resulting in the auditor becoming bored and eventually walking away from the scene.

Tickets were issued for the traffic infraction committed prior to recording.

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