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Trial begins for sheriff accused of letting inmates sell drugs, leave unsupervised and have sex with visitors


Alabama’s high court will be hearing the case of embattled Sumter County Sheriff Tyrone Clark to determine if he should be removed from office.

The state attorney general began proceedings to impeach Clark last month over allegations of corruption and neglect of duty. The impeachment trial began Monday in Montgomery.

There were no criminal charges filed against Clark back in April,  when a grand jury returned a report recommending his impeachment.  However, the FBI is conducting an “ongoing criminal investigation” after raiding the Sumter County Jail back in March, Tuscaloosa News reported.

The Sumter County grand jury found that Clark allowed inmates to have access to guns, roam the halls freely and have sex with visitors. Some of the inmates, with special privileges, were allegedly allowed to leave the jail without supervision and sell drugs.

The nine Alabama Supreme Court justices may hear witness testimony  in the case. Clark, who’s being tried in the same chambers where justices normally hear appellate cases, will be removed from office, if found guilty.

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