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Transgender inmate sexually assaults 4 women in prison


Prison New Hall, West Yorkshire, UK. Credit: Google Maps.

A British pre-op transgender prisoner in West Yorkshire was placed in a women’s prison- with disastrous results occurring within days of arrival.

The prisoner -who has been living as a woman for over two years- reportedly sexually assaulted four women in the Wakefield-based prison, causing a serious stir within the penitentiary walls.

According to the Daily Mail, the offending prisoner reportedly made comments about oral sex to one inmate, kissed a second inmate on the neck, forcibly attacked a third and sexually assaulted a fourth, with witnesses claiming to have seen the deviant detainee visibly aroused during the attack.

The prisoner has since been moved to a men’s jail, though it is unknown if this will remedy the situation.

In the United Kingdom, transgender offenders identifying as women can only change their legal gender if they were medically diagnosed with gender dysphoria and have lived as a woman for two years, with judges using this as a litmus test of sorts to determine what kind of prison they’re assigned to.

The Daily Mail reports that transgender inmates tend to have more dress code freedom and are allowed to shower and do laundry in private.

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