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Trans traitor Chelsea Manning has hateful message for police on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day


Infamous military information leaker Chelsea Manning took time on Tuesday to take to Twitter, expressing blunt personal feelings toward the nationally-promoted Law Enforcement Appreciation Day:

“F— the police.”

Manning -who was born as a male named Bradley Manning- made no effort to show tact in light of the holiday, opining that the police should be disarmed.

“#DisarmThePolice#WeGotThis,” Manning summarily added to the tweet, listing series of unsourced “statistics” as a follow-up post.

“Police kill hundreds of people every year with absolute impunity,” Manning added, claiming that “the worst armed criminals wear uniforms and carry shiny pieces of metal.”

Generally despised by military personnel (particularly those who served in the Iraq War), Manning leaked over 700,000 classified government documents on Wikileaks. Of the many files leaked, one included a video of a 2007 combat incident in Baghdad involving a company of the 1st Infantry Division and an Air Cavalry unit, which was subsequently edited to remove context and presented as “evidence” of war crimes.

While in prison for Espionage Act violations and other crimes, Manning suddenly “came out” as a transgender woman. In January of 2017, President Barack Obama -amid pressures from his constituency- granted Manning clemency, releasing the Oklahoma native and military pariah back into the world.

Had clemency not been granted, Manning would have served a relatively light 35-year sentence. During the disgraced soldier’s sentence, Manning made several attempts at suicide and hunger strikes.

Since being released, Manning has become a symbol for far-left ideologies and social justice warriors alike, particularly when it comes to brash and outlandish statements which are rarely supported by fact.

On Veterans Day, Manning tweeted, “Want to support veterans!? Stop sending us overseas to kill or be killed for your nationalist fairy tales. We can do better.”

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