Home News Touching note left on check at local diner for sheriff in Colorado

Touching note left on check at local diner for sheriff in Colorado



Small gestures like this have been popping up lately all across the country, but for our brothers and sisters in blue – this one never gets old.

Some patrons at a local diner in Elizabeth, Colorado saw an officer in uniform having -what the staff there says- is his usual, a Blue Cheese Bacon Burger.

The family, who was also at the Catalina Diner on Friday, picked up the officer’s tab without him knowing. When Elbert County Sheriff Shayne Heap went to pay for his meal, the owner told him, “Someone already picked up the tab.” Heap was handed the receipt, which had a note written on it. “I’ve got your 6, Blue Lives matter,” it said.

The unexpected note – a show of support for police – is garnering lots of attention on social media.

Javier Larios, Catalina’s owner, said about the Sheriff’s reaction upon receiving the note: “You can see the excitement in wondering who did it and wanting to know and thank whoever left the note for him.”

Larios also added about the cops in his community: “they know that we support the police… people need to understand they’re risking their lives for us… they deserve a lot of respect.” Other patrons at the restaurant who heard about the note echoed that sentiment.

The officer responded to this random act of kindness on the Elbert County Sheriff’s Facebook page. He wrote: “Someone picked up my lunch and left a note – this person has no idea how much this means to me. Made my day, made my week, made my month. Thank you!! So very proud to serve.”

The Sheriff Heap declined to talk to media about it on camera because he said this was not about him, but he did tell a reporter with KDVR News that he was “accepting the grand gesture on behalf of his brothers and sisters in uniform everywhere.”  Sheriff Heap also added on social media, “they wouldn’t tell me who paid the check and wrote the note. And rightly so, as we all know this would detract from the true intent. Because we know this wasn’t about me specifically but about a truly kind act that resonates in the hearts andminds of people across this great Country. It was a nationwide message to sheepdogs that stand in the thin blue line because they care so deeply about their fellow Americans. I happened to be in uniform and humbly accept this grand gesture on behalf of my brothers and sisters in uniform everywhere. It is our greatest privilege to be called on in someone’s time of need. It is our honor to be the thin blue line that separates the darkness. Don’t get me wrong, there are wives, husbands, friends and family everywhere that have sleepless nights and constantly worry about the safety of their loved ones that wear a badge. And those of us that wear the uniform are also on edge because of the attacks we have experienced. But we don’t see it as white or black or brown; because we all bleed blue. And for those that would ridicule and scorn, know that this one act overpowers thousands of your negative acts. We are the sheepdogs and we won’t, under any circumstances or any opposition stop serving and protecting. / Sheriff Heap – ECSO #bluelivesmatter

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