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Total train wreck brawl at IHOP brought under control in 5 seconds by authoritative deputy


Several Floridians were arrested and are facing charges after starting a fight in a Fort Meyers IHOP.

The incident -which was caught on video by local resident Rick Martinez- shows several women defying the manager’s request to remove alcohol from the premises before the situation escalated into violence.

“They brought alcohol into IHOP,” Martinez said. “They Weren’t listening to the manager who was saying, ‘hey, remove the alcohol.'”

The video then shows the women getting into a fight, as well as attacking a deputy who tried to break up the altercation.

During the dispute, several deputies rushed in and attempted to assist. However, the fight didn’t end until one Lee County Deputy stormed through the door with what appears to be a less-lethal device, ordering everyone to the ground.

While one woman complained that the deputy was overbearing in his authoritative order, Martinez was in full support of the lawman.

“For him to just take control of the situation the way he did, that was pretty top notch,” he said.

According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, “Our units were called and responded to a very unstable situation that was turning more and more violent. Soon after our arrival, we took and maintained control of the situation.”

Fox4Now reports that since the video was released, it has gotten over 50,000 views and 500 shares.

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  1. Yah know, the same thing happened to me the other day at Chez Panisse……Jaques brought it the champagne, it wasn’t quite cold, I was indignant.

    • With some people that’s the only way to make them pay attention. Would it have been better if he’d used the tazer? Overall, the Sarge did a great job.

    • Excellent job of the Sgt and what a group of
      STUPID WOMEN. Most people know IHOP
      does not serve alcohol. These insane women
      were just being belligerent and trying to do
      what they knew was wrong. Now they get what
      they deserve. I am a woman and I would not
      ever behave the way these crazy fools did.

      As for the F bomb ( right or wrong ) freedom of speech
      and sometimes, more times then not, cops get as
      frustrated too. He defused the situation and no one
      was hurt and got everything under control so IHOP
      could get back to their business. Way to go Sgt.

  2. The big officer that came in ans stopped the mess was a Patrol Sgt.He had a taser in hand.He put down the fight real fast as he should do.Why stand around and argue with people?The Sgt got full control of the problem then started to find out what was what.Great job.

  3. Stellar end result. Nobody hurt. Order Restored. No shots fired. All in All a good day. Who “normal” brings alcohol to a IHOP ? I don’t eat where half the wait staff waddle. I’ve seen one too many of these videos involving “people” erupting into fists and violence over pancakes. Must be something in the syrup? ….. It can’t be the people ….. could it ?

  4. Simple. Precise. And to the point. I like it. What part of GET ON THE **CKING GROUND dont you understand?

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