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Tone-deaf late night host rips Phoenix PD over viral arrest, doesn’t tell the whole story


The Daily Show on Comedy Central spent a six-minute portion of its Tuesday show criticizing the Phoenix Department’s arrest of a family during a shoplifting incident.

Host Trevor Noah ripped into the officers during the segment saying, “what happened to protect and serve” and added, “everything about that video is wrong.”

What the show failed to tell the audience was how the family is not totally blameless in the incident.

Surveillance video showed the four-year-old walk out of the Dollar Store with a Barbie doll she did not pay for. More video released by Phoenix PD captured the girl’s father stealing underwear from a different store.

The cell phone video from people watching the incident also showed how the family was not listening to the officers’ orders.

Noah praised the bystanders for recording the incident and their attempts to interfere with the arrest.

He finished his rant by saying, “this family is one of the lucky ones because none of them were shot and calm bystanders recorded the entire thing to back them up.”

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams and the mayor have apologized to the family for the arrest and say they will make changes within the department.

The family has called for the arresting officers to be fired and are also suing the city for $10 million dollars.

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