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Toledo, OH police department begins mailing speeding tickets to offenders


Last month, the Toledo Police Department rolled out new radar devices that take a picture and short video clip of speeders.  Images as well as a description of the infraction are then mailed to offenders for payment.  At no point to the officers make direct contact with the traffic violators.

Officers are targeting high-complaint areas, like school zones, city streets, and the expressway, according to ABC 13.


Some local drivers aren’t too pleased with the new initiative from the police department however.  One individual, the recipient of a ticket by mail expressed her frustration as the ticket came as a surprise to her.

“I didn’t see the officer at all. So I was surprised to get the speeding ticket,” said the motorist who wished to remain anynomous. “I haven’t had a ticket in 10 years,” she added.

Toledo Police Lt. Jeff Sulewski defended the new program.  “We can target a lot more cars and I know what’s going to be said about that it’s a money maker. The message is we a now enforcing more vigorously our speed limits in the city of Toledo than every before,” he said.




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  1. AS IT SHOULD BE! It’s not like Toledoans weren’t given NOTICE that these handheld devices were coming in for use starting March 1 — it was on every station and in the Blade….

    “I haven’t had a ticket in ten years” — um perhaps it’s not because you don’t speed, but because you’ve never been caught! How difficult is it to FOLLOW THE TRAFFIC LAWS here?

    I support this new technology — it keeps the public (who do follow the laws) and our LEO’s safe from idiots on the road (and Toledo has a LOT of them).


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