Home News Through Hell And Back: Sexual assault charges dropped against fired Tampa officer

Through Hell And Back: Sexual assault charges dropped against fired Tampa officer


An ex-Florida cop who was fired due to allegations of sexual assault has been cleared of charges, but now has to try and put his life back together.

The charges against former Tampa Police Officer Adam York have been dropped by Hillsborough County, years after he was accused of sexually assaulting a female suspect in 2016.

“This is never going away,” York told CBS12. “This is the rest of my life and they’ve taken it all.”

York was fired by Tampa PD shortly after the allegations came to light, after DNA evidence was found on the woman’s underwear.

Attorney Richard Escobar believed the officer only touched the woman’s driver’s license, and that she had wiped it on her underwear.

TPD Chief Brian Dugan released a statement backing the decision of the agency.

“His response was contradicted by the evidence and he was fired for not maintaining the expected standard of conduct and for untruthfulness,” he said. “I hope that the comments made by Adam York’s attorney today don’t have a chilling effect on victims of sexual assault and cause them to be reluctant to come forward.”

Still stripped of his badge and dream career, York is currently working construction in order to make ends meet.

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