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This is why police departments should issue cell phones to officers


Police officers from agencies across the country seem to continually express a similar concern: In an age where technology is becoming a more important part of policing, why don’t more agencies issue smartphones, like private companies do?

We currently live in an era where smartphones are more commonly found on people than car keys, wallets, or even a form of identification . It’s easy to see why- just about anyone can use a smartphone (including those who are far too young to drive), activate remote start from their device, take photos and even take notes with a simple summoning of Siri, Cortana or Google.

From telling us how much money we have in our bank account to showing us where the best Thai food and cat videos are, smartphones have changed how we do things as they become an integral part of daily life.

This is also true in law enforcement, where apps such as the Pocket Brainbook have revolutionized how officers reference information, look up criminal codes, translate to non-English speakers and more. In addition to the functions smartphones already provide in the mainstream (video, photo, voice communication, navigation, etc.), it’s really a no-brainer that a smartphone equipped with apps such as the Pocket Brainbook are invaluable to police in their everyday duties.

Unfortunately, a lot of officers don’t get issued smartphones, nor do they want to shell out the money for something that might end up in an evidence locker or ultimately have their personal picked through by lawyers. Even if you have the best apps and equipment at your disposal, what good are they if you can’t use them?

Look, we’re in the 21st Century. Departments usually issue a sidearm, gun belt, radio and other equipment, why not issue a smartphone?

Smartphones are easily available in Pay-As-You-Go options, as well as companies offering competitive plans for government agencies. At the end of the day, even the most cash-strapped agencies could potentially afford to equip their officers with issued phones, all equipped with the Pocket Brainbook app (after all, it’s free to download).

If you do have an issued phone, feel free to download the Pocket Brainbook app, which has all sorts of useful features. If you’re wanting a little more out of the Pocket Brainbook, unlock the premium features on an annual subscription, all for less than the price of a small cup of coffee.

It’s time to step into the future. Download the Pocket Brainbook app and be part of the revolution that is sweeping law enforcement across the nation.

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