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The 5 worst people at a traffic stop


1. People Who Don’t Know They’re Trying To Kill Me

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There’s a saying for someone who might be celebrating a little too hard after a big win. “Act like you’ve been there before”. The timeless saying applies when being pulled over. We’ve all had that 30 something come to a complete stop in the middle lane of the highway instead of pulling to the right into a place of safety where I don’t have to worry about someone making street pizza out of me.


2. People Who Think They’re My Boss

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I never thought I’d actually hear “My taxes pay your salary” until that fateful day. Cops also pay taxes which go to pay our own salaries. We’ll just put this traffic stop on my tab instead of yours. Sign on the X please, sir.


3. These Guys…

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If I pull you over for running a red light, a suspended registration, a busted headlight, and you’re drunk…Please don’t open your window and say, “What seems to be the problem, Officer?”


4. “Sovereign Citizens”

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There are some people that believe the earth is flat. There are also some people that believe it is unconstitutional for the state to require them to possess a valid license or registration while operating a motor vehicle. The earth is in fact round and you can pick your vehicle up from the impound lot when you make bond.


5. Name Droppers

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“I know Mayor So-and-So. We’ll see what he thinks about you pulling me over.” Please tell them I would like a raise and better equipment while you’re at it. Here is your “VIP” ticket to court on the seventh of next month. Please excuse us, we don’t yet have a red carpet for this event.

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