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“That’s a gift for you b****,” men harass NYPD officers while on patrol


Things remain tense between the NYPD and the community they are sworn to protect. In a viral video shared by the NY Police Benevolent Association, officers are surrounded and then harassed for merely doing their jobs.

In the video, a man approaches the parked vehicle and begins to shout profanities at the officers sitting in the car. At one point, he attempts to take the badge number of the driver and shout it to anyone who can hear, “Twenty-three, 54 for this dirty motherf—ker.”

Another man in the group puts a rubber pig on the hood. “That’s a pig. That’s a gift for you, bitch,” someone yells in the video.

Eventually there are four or five people who have surrounded the vehicle as the initial man has now found a loud speaker and begins to shout, “Get the f—k out of the f—king hood.”

The police eventually do leave.

The NY PBA states confrontations like this are increasing at an unsafe level. The organization also pointed out that a situation like this only happened because of the uniform.

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