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Texts prove State Attorney Kim Foxx played a role in Smollett hoax attack case despite saying she recused herself


Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has decided to release her emails and text messages to the public, and despite calling the actor a “washed up celeb” they still prove she did not recuse herself from the case and played a part in dropping the charges against the Empire star.

According to CBS Chicago reporter Charlie De Mar, Foxx tells her office we don’t want to be the prosecutors who overcharge a man for lying to police while a “pedophile”, in reference to R Kelly, is undercharged.

She even checks in with her employees via text and asks if they need anything.

The State Attorney’s office ultimately decided on “defered prosecution’ against Smollett. He forfieted his $10,000 bond and agreeded to further community service.

The city of Chicago is now in the middle of a civil lawsuit against Smollett in an attempt to recoup the $130,000 the police department spent in overtime to investigate Smollett’s case.

Again, the evidence suggests Smollett paid two Nigerian brothers to beat him up near his home and put a noose around his neck in a staged hate-crime.

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