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Texas 'Reverend' threatens ISIS style attack against law enforcement


An ISIS-style terrorist attack has been threatened against the Texas police involved in the pool part incident, according to Western Journalism. A black pastor, Rev. Ronald Wright of Dallas, made the threat on June 8th, though you won’t see it being covered in mainstream media.

He says in the video, “We just passed an open weapons law here in the state, we are setting the stage for a terrorist attack in this country and the group isn’t going to be ISIS its going to be ‘US-IS’ – us against these unjust law officers…”

WND U.S. reports that Rev. Ronald Wright is the executive director of Justice Seekers Texas. His warning about the domestic terrorist attack was made at a rally outside the McKinney Police Department during a press conference.


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  1. What denomination, Ronald Wright. First banned from religious representation. Then a looksee on criminal charges at all jurisdictional levels. And even al sharpton aint jumpin’

  2. what a hate monger..a Reverend speaking about retaliation towards police..please learn the whole story behind the incident before opening your mouth and removing all doubt about being stupid…

  3. Well the Rev. Wright should be arrested for threatening the police department with violence!!! These people just don’t get it . Act civil and you wont be bothered. Act like a thug and you will be arrested.

  4. You must be a reverend of satan! Kinda like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson & Jackson Jr. You’re no minister of God the Father, the Son or the Holy Spirit!! You are certainly not a peaceful person! You belong to your father the devil!


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