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Texas police officer under investigation after video surfaces of take-down of young female student


YouTube video

The San Antonio Independent School District is investigating a case of possible excessive force by an SAISD officer.

The officer restrained a student from behind — lifting her slightly off the ground — as her legs are seen dangling in the air and possibly kicking the officer – which is what some media reports were saying.

The other kids who were outside Rhodes Middle School had apparently been anticipating a fight between the girl in the video and another female student.

According to MySA.com, Officer Joshua Kehm intervened after two female students became “verbally aggressive” toward each other on the afternoon of March 29 at the West Side campus.

12-year-old Janissa Valdez, a sixth grader, was reportedly having a conversation with another girl and a group crowded around them. That’s when the officer approached.

The clip of the video that was posted to YouTube this week shows the officer struggling to restrain the student. Some students can be heard urging the girl to “chill.” The officer lifts her and throws her to the ground face down, as the students continue to ask if she’s ok.

Sighs of disbelief from other students can be heard on the video — which has since exploded on social media.

The officer was supposedly threatened by the girl, her mother says, after she either kicked him or was about to kick him. Valdez’s mom says her daughter was knocked out after her head hit the cement and she doesn’t remember being arrested and taken away in handcuffs.

We have yet to hear what the district’s police dept. has to say about the incident, but in the meantime, Kehm has been put on paid administrative leave. He’s worked at the school just over a year.

As with many of these cases, officials warn that what was caught on camera is just a snapshot of what happened and we cannot see what circumstances led up to this.

Gloria Valdez told KENS5 News that her daughter has gotten into fights before. She also admitted that before this incident happened, the officer and her daughter had a good relationship.

Janissa has not been back to school since. She was suspended for two days, but her mom says she ‘s keeping her home for now.

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