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Texas cop-blocker convicted for interfering with public duties and disorderly conduct


A self-titled “cop watcher” who was arrested in 2015 has found himself convicted and sentenced for filming police actions while armed with a black powder pistol during a traffic stop in Arlington, Texas.

According to Fox 4 News, Kenneth Lovett was convicted with interfering with public duties and disorderly conduct during the incident last year, one which Lovett feels he was wrongfully arrested for.

Arlington PD say Lovett interfered with a traffic stop of a convicted felon and that his open carrying of a black powder revolver forced more officers to respond to the scene.

While two other people were open carrying that day, they complied when they were asked to leave. Lovett, however, refused.

Although Texas is now an open carry state, the law had not yet taken effect at the time of the incident- though it was perfectly legal at the time to openly carry antique black powder pistols and long guns.

Despite this, a defense expert witness testified that not even he could tell the difference between a modern revolver and a black powder pistol when holstered.

Lovett was sentenced to 90 days in jail at the same time for both sentences, effective the day of sentencing.

Alex Kim, Lovett’s attorney, claims Lovett’s 1st and 2nd Amendment rights were violated and plans to appeal, claiming the sentencing was excessive.

“I don’t understand why a judge would assess a punishment of 90 days for interfering with public duties,” Kim said. “This judge is just being too tough on this crime.”

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  1. Cop watchers feel that cops do not respect their constitutional rights.
    Cop watchers go cop watching while legally carrying to exercise their rights in protest.
    Police violate constitutional rights by arresting cop watchers.
    More people become cop watchers.

    Bad move, Arlington PD.

      • No one did interfere. The claim is that they interfered just by being there, across the street and in a parking lot, just watching. That’s obviously ludicrous.

  2. These idiots need arrested each time they do it. Do it politely but charge them every single time they begin interfering. Cost them time in jail, away from their hamburger flipping jobs and fines.

  3. Cop watching is fine, as long as it’s done from no closer than 20 feet or so. Anyone is welcome to cop watch or cop film as long as they do not speak out or otherwise become part of the incident. If they insist on being so close that they could interfere with the performance of the officer’s duty, then they should be arrested for obstruction of governmental administration, disorderly conduct, and any other charge that applies. If armed, they should lose the right to be armed. Depending on the specific circumstances, a case could be argued for harassment. My opinion is that people who openly carry are making a political statement as well as making themselves a target for thieves. What flies in Butte, Montana, may be very foolish in Dallas, Texas.

  4. We need more cop watchers and less cops with the ability to turn off body cameras. Props to this gentleman and a speedy release.


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