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Texas AG trying to get San Antonio Police Chief fired for illegal immigrant scandal


The war of words between the Texas Attorney General and San Antonio Police Chief continues to get hotter and hotter as AG Ken Paxton has filed legal papers to strip William McManus of his job.

According to NBCDFW, Paxton alleges McMnaus has consistently failed to turn over illegal immigrants to ICE.

Paxton has been locked in a legal battle with the city of San Antonio for its immigrant practices since November 2018. In that suit, Paxton states the city has knowingly avoided enforcing laws that essential force “sanctuary cities” to follow more stringent immigration policies.

San Antonio is a known “sanctuary city,” which means they do not actively ask suspected illegal immigrants for their paperwork or actively turn them into ICE. The policing practice is meant to act encouraging community cooperation, though some believe its an excuse that allows dangerous criminals to roam free within a city.

The city’s attorney has declared Paxton’s new court filing as “frivolous” and that Chief McManus will ultimately keep his job.

The city attorney also pointed out Paxton is using this as a distraction into an illegal donation investigation after Paxton was accused of helping a wealthy donor. In return of the favor, Paxton is alleged to have accepted thousands of dollars worth of renovations to his multi-million dollar home.

For his part, Chief McManus has stayed out of the legal proceedings and remained quiet.

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